Opt-Out System for Organ Donation in Australia

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Greg Hunt
Australian Minister for Health

I am writing this petition to you today to consider the favour of the population regarding an Opt-Out system for Organ Donation in Australia.

As you would be aware, Australia has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the world despite widespread support for the concept of organ donation.

As the Daughter of an organ recipient, this is an issue close to my heart. My Dad has had Kidney Failure since I was a child and after a close to 10 year wait my Dad got his Transplant on Christmas Eve 2012. While the day my Dad got the gift of life was one of the happiest days of mine, it was surely the worst of someone elses. I hope they found solace in the fact their loved one gave the ultimate gift to not one, but multiple others. I know if my Mum were able to donate when she passed, I would have found comfort in it too.

I am a strong believer that the vast majority of able-to-donate people would be honoured to give the gift of their organs and thus the gift of life.

There of course are an amount of able-to-donate people that for Cultural or Religious reasons, will not donate. 

It has been since I was 10 years old, that I have wondered why on earth Australia would have an opt-in system rather than opt-out.

The general public may not see "Opt-In for Organ Donation" as a priority on their to do list. It is a certainty that those that will not donate will make Opting-out a priority.

The risk that those people would then have to donate organs IF they forgot to opt-out is obsolete due to the fact family are consulted before hand. Your family would and should know your personal preference regardless.

Please consider this petition as a serious issue with Australia's Health Care System.

I would love to see an opt-out system raise our donation rates, shorten our wait list times for an Organ and improve quality of life for our most important citizens and residents..... the living ones.