Vaping saves lives

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Vaping should be an alternative to smoking that is readily available to all adults that want to stop smoking.

Vaping has successfully helped thousands of people quit smoking where all other methods have failed.

We need to make changes now as Vaping has the potential to save millions of lives along with the industry providing thousands of jobs for people here in Australia.

Australia should follow suit with countries like New Zealand and the United Kingdom when it comes to the current laws regarding vaping and the studies that have already been done when it comes to the effects of vaping.

Instead of implementing the tobacco legislation on vaping, Vaping should have its own legislation as it has nothing to do with tobacco products and is actually an aid to quit tobacco products.   

As an ex smoker, I have personally witnessed the benefits of vaping, currently I have not smoked for two and a half years and I feel great. I smoked a pack a day for 15 years and tried everything to stop, Vaping is the only quitting aid that has worked for me along with thousands of other people here in Australia and millions of people globally.