New Life-Saving Adrenaline Auto-injector for Australia

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The only adrenaline auto-injector available in Australia at this present time is the EpiPen. There have been recalls and shortages across Australia for months now and this puts people that require this life-saving medication in severe danger.

The only way that we can prevent shortages from occurring and avoid putting people's lives at risk is by having a CHOICE and therefore there needs to be another adrenaline auto-injector available to all Australians. We should be given this choice.  

Auvi-Q would be the best adrenaline auto-injector to be brought in as a 2nd choice as it has the greatest POD & would cause least confusion. Small enough to put into a shirt pocket or a teenagers jean pocket. It’s computerised so anyone can easily use it. It has an infant auto-injector which no other adrenaline auto-injector has. It’s a game changer. 

Please sign the petition to show that we as not only severe allergy families but the people of Australia should not be put at risk by not having life-saving medications available to us. 

With enough signatures, we can make the change. We will take your signatures to the Minister of Health the Hon. Greg Hunt and the Prime Minister of Australia and bring this life-threatening issue to their attention. 

In the past 2 months people, including children, have been put at risk by not having access to an EpiPen due to a shortage and our pharmacy shelves being empty. This is not good enough in Australia. Sign the petition to make the change!