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It is proven that the human body has an endocannabinoid system with receptors CB1 and CB2

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The human Body contains cannabinoid  receptor CB1 in the brain and CB2 in the immune system

These receptors are cannabinoid receptors. Cannabis is required by the body to achieve spiritual enlightenment and to increase our immune system response when under attack with cell mutation known as cancer and infections that are present in our system.

Those facts have been proven scientific fact.

The government has been lying to us for years. The petrochemical industry past legislation through the senate of this sovereign country that was based on false and misleading information making the act unlawful.

Here are my qualifications: I am an electronics technician, I studied inorganic, organic and biological chemistry, I studied herbalism and homeopathy, I also rely on the universal knowledge of the spirit world.

Cannabis needs to be available for everyone to use as it is a plant put here by God to help humanity in its evolution.

Plant 1 Cannabis all varieties

Cannabis has been part of mankind's evolution for millions of years and the scientific proof is in our DNA.
Cannabis is required by the human body for normal function and operation, in fact the cannabis plant, seeds and roots contains all the known nutrients minerals and amino acids for the body's everyday functions. This means we once lived on a cannabis only diet.
The human body contains thousands of cannabinoid receptors all over the body, with receptor CB1 in the brain and receptor CB2 in the immune system. The consumption of cannabis stimulates these receptors to provide proper brain function and to overstimulate the immune system if there is a cell mutation detected such as cancer.
The brain stem contains no cannabinoid receptors so cannabis cannot stop vital functions for survival like breathing and body control functions. There for cannabis is not able to kill you unless 50 kilos drops on your head.
Cannabis resin can increase the decayed function of nerve receptors sending false signals to the brain, These signals can cause pain, epilepsy, parkinsons etc. The consumption of cannabis resin will cause the synapses of the nerve endings to fire normally if you suffer from these or similar symptoms this will improve your life out of sight.
Cannabis is a plant that will out grow any weed, its the fasting growing plant on the planet and does not require weed killer or regenerates the soil and absorbs radiation.
If we are to survive as a race we must listen to our ancestral heritage and go back to nature, it creates biodegradable plastic and provides all resources we require to live in the modern world, Food, medicine, fuel, paper, clothing etc
These plants are to be used as whole plant medicines and should not be separated. If you just use vitamin c it wont work. Your body requires all of the acids, flavonoids and compounds in that orange for it to function properly and your body will be able to use these products to obtain the optimum benefits if we use whole plant therapies.
Important fact: Cannabis should be grown by the person that requires it. We have a symbiotic relation ship with this plant. As we provide the plant with what it needs to grow it will produce what our body requires to maintain good health, it will tune in with your spirit and adjust to your bodily needs and requirements.

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