Endometriosis is REAL!

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WOW. I couldn’t be happier right now!! Health Minister Greg Hunt has just announced the first ever national action plan on endometriosis, apologised to sufferers and committed to funding research and supporting us. When I started this petition to tell my story of suffering from the ‘silent epidemic’ of endometriosis, I had no idea it would gain so much support. But in just a few weeks, more than 110,000 of you signed! So many women shared their stories and brought critical attention to this ignored issue. This announcement is an awesome step, and what we’ve all waited so long for :) This will help so many sufferers and change the lives of 1 in 10 women for the better. I want to say thank you to Change.org, without this platform I wouldn’t of been able to show how big this issue really is. Every sufferer speaking out, every signature and action on Change.org, and the advocacy groups raising awareness over recent years has helped make this possible. Thank you thank you thank you! Karlie

Karlie Wilkinson
4 years ago