Bring more General Practitioners to Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay has a chronic Doctor Shortage. General Practitioners are leaving Hervey Bay in the masses as once these 'training doctors' obtain their fellowship they are all leaving Hervey Bay and moving back to the cities. The department of Health removed Hervey Bay as a DWS area 7 years ago and rezoned Hervey Bay to be classified as 'inner regional' instead of 'rural'. This means many other available Doctors (including international Doctors that USED TO be able to work here are no longer able to do so).  
The Department of Health took away the 'rural incentive payment' to be paid to GP's which is between $7000 and $12000 a year as an incentive to attract doctors to this area as we are now 'inner regional'. How do you attract doctors to the area when you remove their incentive payments? We want a town of trained and fellowed GP's as well as training doctors but your fellowed GP's would likely be interested to stay for a few years if you bring back their rural incentive payment.
Most Medical Centres in Hervey Bay would be happy to support and train International Doctors who are trying to obtain their fellowship in General Practice and there are many international doctors begging for this opportunity BUT the Government Blocks us because Hervey Bay is not a DWS area. WE WANT the Minister of Health Greg Hunt to grant Hervey Bay DWS status again and bring back the rural incentive payment for GP's as an incentive for them to stay in this area and to attract more Fellowed (fully qualified) GP’s to work in Hervey Bay for longer periods.