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Ban the plastic straws! A 2 minute luxury that lasts 1000 years.

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WHY? Why have plastic straws not already been banned? There are approximately 500 Million straws used daily worldwide, this equates to approx. 527 Humpback whales worth in plastic waste just on straws PER DAY! This wastage is just unacceptable, we need to put pressure on the Australian government to step up and ban this one item to help reduce this number drastically. Plastic straws are placed in majority of drinks around the world, in your gin and tonic, in your apple juice, in your lemonade and even in your healthy smoothie.

Why straws suck:

-Most contain BPA 

-In hot conditions they can let off a harmful toxin which is then ingested

- These 38grams of plastic can last up to 1000years

- They can be ingested by Marine and other terrestrial animals, giving them a slow painful death

- Fossil fuels are used to make plastic

- Most people use one straw for one drink for ten minutes or less

-Most of all is that they are not needed! Plastic straws are a luxury, i am very sure that we can all survive with out plastic straws. If you are an avid straw user, use a bamboo, starch or even metal personalised straw.

Sign this petition to help put pressure on the government to stop the use of plastic straws state wide immediately. Everyday puts more and more plastic into the environment ! Ways you can help: Signing petition, helping reduce your personal plastic use, saying no to a straws,  purchasing your own personalised straw and even sharing this post to get enough signatures. 



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