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This is my friends story & why she wants shunt kids to have a MRI on presentation to ED DEPARTMENTS.
Lucas had a VP shunt . We have always been told as soon as he is sick take him in. We have been doing that but the ED make us feel bad for wasting their time when it's not bad. On Friday morning Lucas was vomitting , I took him to our GP who wrote me a letter that he wanted the hospital to see him . I went straight their as directed. We first went to ED and had a different doctors see us . They decided that Lucas had a viral infection and to give him some fluids. They also only did a X-ray when they really should of done a MRI to make sure his shunt was working . We were in ED from 9-4 and transferred to the ward. I decided to swap hubby and go home have a shower,  at 5 pm hubby called and said Lucas crashed . I went up and seen my baby in PICU they were saying he was having seizures and the medication was not working so at midnight the PICU doctor decided to do an MRI . This showed he’s  shunt not working and pressure on his little brain. They rushed him to surgery. He was in 3 hrs . When they brought him back they waited an HR and checked his eyes . They were both dilated and fixed still . They said surgery had worked but the damage had been done . Then they did different tests and on Sunday afternoon my baby was declared brain dead. Our family is broken and shattered. The surgeon asked why Lucas had not been MRI when he came in . I want to make sure no child slips though . All children with shunts get MRI first thing to rule blockage as soon as they arrive to ED . Having this could of saved my boy. I want this to be called Lucas's Law . As told by mother Gelria faram