Legalize nicotine vapes in Australia

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To the honorable Greg Hunt  

I plead with you, on behalf of the vaping community and smokers of Australia, please do not allow the ban of nicotine imports to be passed. 

Smoking is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease and decreased life expectancy in Australia. However vaping nicotine has shown overwhelming evidence to reduce harm, provide a safe and effective way to prevent smoking related diseases and has helped thousands of Australia’s quit smoking in recent years. 

Vaping nicotine has shown to be a healthier option to smoking convention cigarettes, which contain over 4000 chemicals. Vaping liquid contains 3 chemicals, all which have shown promising evidence that reduce harm and aid in cessation of smoking cigarettes. 

Personally,  i have watched my father die of lung cancer, a terrible disease, this did not stop my addiction of 40 cigarettes a day, I smoked at his funeral, as sad as that is. The ONLY thing that has enabled me to give up smoking is Vaping Nicotine. Nicotine itself, besides been addictive isn’t that harmful, no more than a cup of coffee. 

I am disheartened that Australia is planning to fall behind on such an opportunity, harm reduction should be our approach, by evidence based research. Vaping nicotine has shown to work, reduce harm and aid in ceasing smoking, so I implore you to look at the facts regarding vaping in Australia. Australians deserve the right to choose a healthier option, Australian’s deserve the right the harm reduction.

How can someone buy cigarettes at the store but not be allowed to vape, when it’s proven to be safer?

Vaping nicotine instead of smoking it, IS the future for the smokers of Australia and the lifeline for all Australia vapers, we deserve the choice at healthier alternatives to smoking cigarettes.


I leave my health in your hands. To smoke or to Vape a healthier option.