Stop the rising cost of private health insurance.

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I like many others have Private health insurance and my concern is that it goes up every year supposed to be in line with the CPI but interest rates are not going up, our wages and pensions are not going up, the government wants us to have it, but then they reduced the rebate they were giving us and we do not get anymore benifits from our health insurance. 

Familys and pensioners are hardest hit and we need it the most, I will give you an example, I am now paying $ 205.00 per month single person on a pension with top cover, God knows how much they would charge a family, this means $100.00 a fortnight out of my pension, then there's rent, utilities, medication and over the counter products at the chemist some weeks I can hardly afford food and I know many of you are in the same boat. 

It goes up just short of $20.00 each year and this needs to stop or give us a pay rise otherwise if we all cancel our private health insurance it would cost the government millions.

Please sign this petition its time we all stood together as a community and let private health insurance and the government know, enough is enough.