Exemptions for Aussie Expats to leave Australia

Exemptions for Aussie Expats to leave Australia

5 August 2021
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Started by LJ Ferrara

Aussie Expats living overseas are no longer guaranteed they can return to their jobs, homes and families following changes quietly introduced by Federal Government yesterday.

They have had an exemption to the Travel Ban implemented by Federal Government in 2020.

Effective 11th August this automatic exemption for Aussie residents overseas has been removed.

Any Aussie Expat Coming Home for any reason with the intention of then returning to their jobs, family, pets, property, leases & lives now have NO GUARANTEE that they will be allowed.

This will affect

  • parents of kids in boarding school or university
  • Coming for funerals & compassionate reasons
  • coming for weddings & celebrations
  • bring babies home to meet grandparents
  • kids in boarding schools or university
  • Families split by Covid & financial reasons where one parent still works overseas and kids and other parent are in Australia.

While it is nearly impossible to get a flight home to Australia now, if you are lucky enough to get home, for whatever reason, Aussie Expats must be protected to be allowed to return to their jobs overseas.

These are not the people abusing the rules. 

They are 

  • The mum in Singapore who hasn’t seen her two girls in nine months, currently in boarding school. 
  • The dad in Hong Kong unable to get back to see three kids and wife for 12 months.
  • The son & granddaughter in London unable to get back to see elderly parents
  • The mum in Hong Kong desperate to see her Year 12 son before HSC. Last seen in June 2020.

These are people and lives whose certainty to return  has steadily eroded & now removed.

We ask for Aussies worldwide to join us in asking for this to be reversed.


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Petition Closed

This petition had 32,517 supporters

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