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Fire the Channelview ISD teachers who bullied their own students

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I have been horrified over the past two weeks as news of teachers in your school district bullying their own students has been broadcast around Texas, the US, & the world.

The names of two minors have been released to the entire world, because they were the victims of horrifying racism & bullying by their own teachers.  But in the first case, the teacher's name who created the monstrous "Most Likely to Become a Terrorist" "award" was never made public; nor were the details of her "discipline".

Then for another of your teachers, a week later, to "award" a child "Most Likely to Blend in with White People", after you had allegedly let your staff know that these hurtful awards were not acceptable?  It doesn't take a Ph.D. to realize that the "discipline" you meted out to the first teacher - if any at all - was minimal & laughable.

Both of these students reported that they were too ashamed to return to school after their teachers humiliated them in public. 

As leaders in academics, your job is to encourage your students, not to bully nor traumatize them, publicly.

What have you done to help these students?

What have you done to punish their tormenters?

What are you going to do to change this culture of teacher-on-student racism and bullying?

Your priority is supposed to be your students.  Your own website states "Channelview ISD has a rich history of being actively engaged in the future of our community....the district employs the finest employees found anywhere in the state of Texas. These employees are committed to making certain that each child in Channelview receives the best education possible".  

Yet your actions over the past two weeks have proved you do not follow these high ideals.

Fire these two teachers, and release their names publicly.  Save all the children that they could continue to hurt and demean in the future by making their names public.  Give future students, and their parents, and other school districts, the information they need to avoid such horrible examples of “teachers” in the future.  

And do the same with all of your other teachers who have victimized their students in this manner....or who sat by and watched - and LAUGHED - when they saw children being bullied in this manner.

If you continue to protect them, you will prove that Channelview ISD has abandoned its principles and its mission to educate and encourage all children, equally.

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