Rename Chinese Wall in Montana

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Why Rename Chinese Wall?

The Chinese Wall is a legendary spine of limestone that spans more than 50 miles across Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana.

Thousands of hiking enthusiasts from across the world visit this remote location every year. The curtain of rock sits on the eastern border of the Rockies close to the heart of the 1.5-million-acre Bob Marshall Wilderness complex.

Locals have long questioned why the magnificent landmark was called the Chinese Wall. They want this beautiful and striking piece of landscape to be connected to the rich local heritage and nature related to the great state of Montana.

A team of six friends and family have been rallying authorities, entrepreneurs and politicians to team up and get the name appropriately changed once and for all.

This is no easy endeavor, as it will literally require an act of Congress to give the Wall a new name. We need your support to get the job done.

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The Rename Chinese Wall Campaign Team