Save the Castleman's Statue at Cherokee Triangle

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I grew up in the Cherokee Triangle and I have been a resident for 40 years. The statue is part of our history. I am appalled that the Mayor would even consider taking this landmark down. The Civil War, and those who were a part of it, should be reflected upon and remembered. If we try to erase history, the past will repeat itself.

John B. Castleman was not only a soldier in the Civil war, he served as a U.S. Army officer and fought in the Spanish-American war. Remember that after the Civil war, the two sides came together... we are all part of the same country and President Abraham Lincoln realized how important this was for the survival of the U.S... Under no circumstances could it be divided. Confederate soldiers and officers were blended with the Union army to become one. Castleman was also the first president of the City of Louisville Parks commission, and acquired much of the land that we are lucky enough to have as parks. He also founded the American Saddlebred Horse Association.

The statue was erected as a tribute to his service and contribution to the city of Louisville, not as a memorial to the Civil war. He is dressed in civilian clothing, not military garb.

So please, have some respect and leave this statue for us to continue enjoying and remembering history.