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Stop Denying our Flag Petitions at The University of Texas at Austin

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We, the students of the University of Texas at Austin, are requesting that flag review committees stop denying valid petitions aimed at attaining flag coursework or to at least confront such petitions with more leniency and flexibility. Such a request is made on the following grounds: 

1. Students, especially transfer students, struggle to graduate within a reasonable time frame due to rejected petitions.

Additionally, students who participate in certification programs often times do not have as much freedom in selecting courses which are considered for flag criteria, resulting in an excessive course load. 

2. Many courses which meet all flag criteria are not listed as such.

For instance, some professors may not have the time to file their course as a flag-based. This leads to a very limited selection of courses which in fact, meet the flag requirements. It is fairly competitive to register for flag-based courses. 

3. Transfer students are impacted the most due to having taken most core courses elsewhere.

Therefore, transfer students struggle to attain the necessary flags in a decent time frame. Courses transferred from another institution are rarely approved!!! 

4. Many students are denied in their flag petitioning process without clear explanations, or explanations which are simply untrue.

Every student deserves to have their flag petition evaluated in a just manner with a reasonable explanation if their petition is denied. Explanations for flag denial should not go outside the realm of what is listed on the website. 

5. The appeals process is lengthy, including an in-person interview and additional paperwork. 

Most students have busy schedules and hectic workloads which do not leave time for in person meetings and redundant paperwork. 

6. Every time a student's flag petition is denied, there is unnecessary spending involved for more classes or even an extra semester/year of tuition. 

We would like our petitions to have a fair chance at consideration. Please SHARE this petition as much as you can! 




To those who are unfamiliar with Flags:

The University of Texas at Austin requires that all students take courses with flag criteria attached to them. Six flags are required in total, including: Cultural Diversity, Independent Inquiry, Writing, Ethics & Leadership, Global Cultures, and Quantitative Reasoning.

For more on what these flags entail, please follow this link:

The existence of these flags, according to the Center for the Skills and Experience Flags, are aimed at challenging students to think critically and to practice habits which employers mark as desirable. The University website specifically states that flags will help students to "communicate effectively, engage in ethical decision-making and independent problem-solving, and understand the diverse, data-dense world around us." 

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