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Governor Greg Abbott's mask mandate EO-GA-29, has forced healthy people to cover their nose and face in an unnatural way causing discomfort, injury, or placed them in harm's way in the following manner:
1. Mandate EO-GA-29 infringes on its citizens enjoyment of oxygen as well as our ability to function naturally.  Nose and mouth coverings over healthy faces interfere with our body's own natural immune system and our body's ability to breathe oxygen freely as naturally designed and intended.

2. Insofar as the State has mandated the shrouding of its citizen’s faces via EO-GA-29, it is actively aiding criminal activity.  Face coverings put our community at risk as it inhibits facial recognition. This makes it nearly to absolutely impossible to identify criminals and their victims such as, but not limited to children and their abductors. Due to this executive order, citizens are currently unable to identify three quarters of a masked face. Crime victims deserve a right to identify their perpetrators. Children deserve the right to be seen and identified in cases of abduction or harm. 

3. The State should not encourage nor create an environment for its citizens to fear each other.  The requirement of businesses and communities to enforce face coverings creates a culture of fear, rather the State will best serve its citizens by offering alternatives to its vulnerable citizens. We ask that the State work with businesses and communities to offer online shopping, home and curbside delivery and health resources to those who are fearful of public activities. Do not hold a healthy majority population hostage for a minority. 

4. The State should not encourage nor create an environment for its citizens to surveil, shame or interfere with their neighbor’s privacy, nor bodily autonomy. Mask requirements are causing neighbors to call law enforcement on each other, accost strangers in public, and shame each other on social media. Mayors are threatening their citizens with “friendly reminders” from the police. We find this unacceptable. We will not surrender our right to privacy and bodily autonomy.

Addendum 9.9.20

5. The State should not encourage nor create an environment whereas the small businesses are crippled yet big box stores thrive, nor an environment where online transactions are encouraged, yet personal client contact is controlled. The State should not encourage nor create an environment in which a cashless society is promoted without the agreement of the People.  Small business owners should not be pressured by the fear of litigation just to open their doors and conduct business as they see fit. The State’s emergency orders have left small business crippled and encouraged spending at big box online businesses, as they were clearly designed and recently updated prior to 2019 for such an event as we are in the midst of. The People demand to conduct business regularly and unencumbered by the State.

6. The State has encouraged an environment of discord for business owners and shoppers, encouraging business owners and managers to act as non-trained health officers, harassing and denying entry to shops even if a person has a medical condition. The State should not encourage nor create an environment in which an individual is treated unequal due to their medical condition. For instance; persons with non communicable medical conditions unable to don masks have been turned away from big box stores and told that they can shop curbside, rather than freely in public. While the State proclaims that we are masking "for the weakest" in our communities, however, those who would normally move about freely but have been encumbered by a forced covering of their nose and mouth are being treated differently.  These sorts of State-encouraged, discriminatory policies infringe on an individual’s rights. The People should not have to cover their faces to shop and move freely in America, and surely not in the great State of Texas.  Masking should be voluntary not forced.

7. The State should only make recommendations via the Health Department to our local school boards regarding safety measures for our children and teaching staff. The current extension of the state of emergency has kept our children in masks and out of classrooms. Some Elementary school children are allowed four breaks per day to breathe freely. This is an outrage! Due to the Health Department’s encroachment upon local education, Elementary schools are forcing children under ten years of age to wear masks. Parents and school boards should not be dictated to, but rather be provided information and recommendations.

8. The most recent extension of the State’s Disaster Declaration is a gross overreach in power. Extending the state of emergency keeps us in limbo; keeps small business shut down, keeps people feeding off the State rather than working and earning a living, keeps family members out of the hospital rooms, parents out of the classrooms, and the parishioners out of their churches and places of worship.  The extension of the State’s disaster declaration keeps the People in an environment where liquor stores and fast food lines stay open, but limits gyms activity, closes parks, lakes, rivers and beaches at a moment’s notice. The State’s overreach has infringed upon our ability to enjoy sports, hugs and holidays with friends and family- all important activities to a thriving, healthy individual, yet encourages online meetings, social distancing, and media programming.  The State’s continuance of this declaration has impacted domestic violence, suicide and mental health in a measurable way. Not once, since the beginning of this declaration nor executive orders has the State spoke of, nor encouraged true health, physical nor mental, nor true healthy solutions but yet has focused on mandates, limitations, vaccinations and public control. It’s time to focus on immune systems, true health, and to open and unmask Texas!

In conclusion, if it is the State's intent is to keep its citizens healthy and safe then it can do so by allowing its citizens to breathe in a natural way, cease aiding the shrouding of identity, and encourage community health and harmony by working with business and communities to provide shopping alternatives as well as health resources to its most vulnerable citizens. We demand to breathe oxygen as our Creator intended, to live freely and unmasked for facial recognition, open our businesses, end harassment , control and conduct ourselves naturally, uninhibited by the State.