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Save Disabled Lives

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This is currently going on in Texas where our state is making it clear that people with Autism like my daughter pictured above don't matter.  Please read and help be their voice. Let Texas know the world is watching and are appalled by Texas leaders lack of action for their states most defenseless...

If YOU target ONE classification of people by cutting their needed medical care, programs and services that are already in place and that are supposed to take care of OUR most vulnerable... Individuals diagnosed with Autism, IDD (Individuals with Developmental Delays) , Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome just to name a few, by cutting funding so drastically that doctors are NO longer willing to take Medicaid insurance. The insurance company will no longer pay for certain medications and therefore OUR most vulnerable citizens have to go with medications that AREN'T as effective. OUR representatives state there ISN'T any money to improve the system and even going as far as to have the audacity to vote to propose MORE cuts to the care of OUR most vulnerable? Yet there is $350 million a month, that is still on the table, allotted by OUR federal government for OUR state to Expand Medicaid that would GREATLY improve medical care and services for OUR states most vulnerable. However, YOU, our representatives, refuse to take this funding. Keeping in mind that by cutting these health services to disabled citizens, this specific group of citizens are going to have a HIGHER mortality rate thru YOUR refusal to SUPPORT what they NEED, YOU have made the conscious decision to put THEIR welfare, safety and health at risk. YOU have made it crystal clear that THEIR lives don't matter. That these defenseless individuals are expendable. Do you realize that the deliberate and systematic destruction of a specific group of individuals is genocide? By YOU ignoring the needs of OUR states most vulnerable YOU are in an essence signing many of their death warrants. By YOU refusing to SUPPORT Expanded Medicaid YOU are slowly going to kill OUR states most vulnerable. If Texas needs to cut funding because OUR representatives and state didn't budget correctly, then YOU as a whole need to find somewhere else to cut. You have NO right to cut funding and services that these individuals NEED. YOU as a whole should NOT be able to determine which classification of citizens DESERVE to live! I believe OUR state representatives tend to forget that YOU represent US. YOUR vote is supposed to be OUR vote. Yet, YOU refuse to come to YOUR home town to have a town hall meeting to listen to our valid concerns. I believe OUR representatives have FAILED OUR states most vulnerable long enough. It is time that YOU shoulder this responsibility that WE as their families have been doing for years. It is now YOUR turn to FIGHT for them. I urge you to Vote YES to EXPANDED Medicaid and NO to cutting funding on OUR states HCS and TX Home Living Programs. Use a portion of the $350 million a month YOU refuse to take and actually use some of the funds to give the people that take care of our special citizens a raise! Use some of the money to improve the quality of services these individuals receive AND are needed. My daughter doesn't have a price tag around her neck and neither do OUR states other vulnerable citizens. STOP treating them as if they don't matter. Listen to their silent pleas and the cries of their families. They deserve to be heard and they most certainly deserve BETTER than YOU have been giving them...Let their voices be heard!

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