Reopen the Texas Economy

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We want to reopen the Texas economy, before more businesses are forced to close and before the Texas economy collapses any further. All Texans are being negatively affected by the economic shutdown. 

We want to quarantine those who are at risk, the most vulnerable and anyone who wants to self-quarantine. We want to allow healthy and able-bodied Texans to financially provide for our families, communities and ourselves.

When businesses close our families and communities suffer. 

All legal businesses are essential to provide jobs, security, health, food, shelter and more for our families and communities. With the economic shut down, every single Texan has lost our quality of life and many of us are struggling to provide for our families. 

President Trump and Governor Abbott need to reopen Texas businesses, before more irreversible financial and economic damage is done.

If, we win, we can save more lives, families, communities, businesses and jobs. If, we lose, lives will be lost, families and communities will be devastated, businesses and jobs will be completely eliminated. 

By signing this petition you make it clear that you care about your family, friends, fellow Texans, the economy and yourselves. 

God bless you, your families, your communities and God bless Texas.