Remove Mirabeau Lamar's name from Texas roads and schools

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Mirabeau B. Lamar is recognized as the second president of the Republic of Texas and a prominent figure in Texas history books. What many people do not know is he was one of the most violent white supremacists in American history. 

Lamar was elected president of Texas in 1838. In 1840, he signed "An Act Concerning Free Persons of Color" which prevented free black people from leaving Texas, and stated that any black person entering Texas was required to be a slave for one year before they had the opportunity to bond themselves out. Given that black people did not have the right to due process at the time, it can be assumed many of these people did not get the opportunity to actually bond themselves out of slavery, and remained slaves for their lifetime. Free black people in Texas had two years to leave the state or else they would be enslaved for life as well. All proceeds from the sale of a black person into slavery went to the state Public Treasury. In 1844, Lamar was a vocal advocate of the annexation of Texas from the US specifically so that slavery in the state could continue. Lamar was firmly against the idea of black and white people being equal in Texas and living alongside each other.

Lamar did not limit his racist terrorism to the black community. He systematically removed Native American tribes from their sovereign land with the purpose of expanding Texas for white people and white people only. He is quoted saying he was "exterminating" the "wild cannibals of the woods" and his campaign cost millions of innocent Native American lives. It also put Texas into debt of over 7 million dollars by the time he left office in 1841. 

Lamar retired to his plantation in Richmond, Texas, where Lamar Consolidated Independent School district is located today. There are several streets, buildings and monuments dedicated to him across Texas though his views do not align with a modern vision of Texas. Texas today is a diverse place for all people, not just white people who are pro-slavery. Lamar CISD has a black superintendent. Lamar Blvd in Austin intersects with Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard. His racism must be recognized, and the monuments named for him must be renamed.