Reinstate the right to file suit for alienation of affection

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Marriage is a serious contract not to be entered into lightly. It is a contract under God. It is a promise to each other for life. In today's society, this institute is all but written off. Morals, stability, trust, love have been set aside for greed, power and lust.
I was a polled to find out there are no laws to protect the innocent party in a marriage when their spouse goes astray. The only right they have is to file for divorce. Texas is a no fault state so there is no recourse there either. If the innocent party attempts to confront the offending third party with just one message, that innocent party may be charged with harassment and suffer fines or jail time. Texas law states that any electronic voice message that has profanity can be construed as a harassing call or at the very least, you can be charged with a language charge. Harassment constitutes a criminal charge and language charge is considered a municipal charge.
What about the perpetrator? The third party who knowingly interferes in a marriage? Succeeding or not, should there be consequences to pay? Granted, it takes 2 to tango and certainly the spouse that agrees to break contract is guilty. I am merely referring to the third party who knowingly attempts to or ends a marriage.
If you believe in the institute of marriage as it should stand, I urge you to join my petition to reinstate this law of Alienation of Affection.

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