Reinstate State of Texas Federal Unemployment Benefits

Reinstate State of Texas Federal Unemployment Benefits

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Muhammad Ifzal. started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and

To The Honorable Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas: 

The last year has been hard on so many of the sons and daughters of Texas. Covid19 brought with it unexpected consequences in multiple areas of life. Socially, physically, emotionally, financially, and probably more than we haven't realized yet. The times we went through will be remembered in history for years to come, and document either the success or failure of our leaders.  It saddens me to even have to think about our elected officials jumping on a bandwagon of their peers.  When I know Texas to breed strong and unwavering leaders. I'm talking about the ending prematurely of the Federally funded Unemployment that other states have declared they know what's best for the people underneath them and thus begun to systematically take away a lifeline of funding for your most vulnerable Americans.  What you're saying is that you alone know the cases of each individual on unemployment and not one of them needs it. That is vanity at best and dictatorship at worst.

I pray that you consider this petition to reinstate State of Texas Federal Unemployment Benefits till September 06, 2021. Below are just some of the arguments well-grounded in facts and science for continuing the unemployment payments to our poverty-stricken class.

1.Consumer spending is critical for any sort of recovery. "Cutting off a policy that helps households maintain spending is a terrible idea, both for these households' welfare and for macroeconomic stabilization," Givens

2.Increased unemployment assistance — along with food assistance spending — will provide the most meaningful boost to the U.S. gross domestic product over the next year, Moody's Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi and Harvard economics professor Raj Chetty said recently.

3.Ending the extra $300 federal benefit will harm 'the vast majority of unemployed workers, especially women and people of color

4.A new study conducted shows that people are more likely to job hunt while on benefits.  The report finds that those who have exhausted their benefits are actually less likely to search for work than those still receiving them. In fact, once benefits run out, “their search effort drops precipitously.”

5.“Individuals collecting benefits tend to receive better job offers than those who are not. collecting benefits,” write the researchers. That puts your state in great economic fluxes… skilled workers now making 7 dollars an hour is NOT good for the monetary health of the state.

6.Evictions will dominate lower income levels and Covid will spread among the neighborhoods having to care more about their places to live than their health.

7.Unemployment numbers have not gone down. They are going up. States should not be allowed to pull the rug out from under any federally regulated programs by citing baseless unsubstantiated claims. Thousands of families will be thrown into poverty. Thousands of Americans will have food insecurities, lose the financial ability to pay for healthcare, and do without basic necessities needed to survive.

8.Ending all Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation Programs including but not limited to PUA, PEUC, FPUC, MEUC and the $300 federal unemployment boost will end unemployment eligibility to independent contractors, gig-workers, and sole-proprietors, and many more citizens who are no longer eligible for regular unemployment benefits who are not able to work during these troublesome times. Ending these programs will cause a lot of families to lose their homes, source of income, food, etc... Not everyone on unemployment is just being lazy.

          For most of us, the federal programs mentioned above have been our lifeline during the Covid-19 pandemic when the jobs we worked for have completely shut down or dramatically reduced hours. This is no longer about politics, we are talking about families, children, and the elderly that will be on the verge of homelessness if these programs are ending while still under a pandemic.  More research is showing predominantly that injecting our society with extra monies means it will trickle up. Everyone benefits in the end. 

        So we the people of the great state of Texas are asking Gov. Greg Abbott to reconsider your actions to end these federal programs short of the federal end date of September 6, 2021.  Please do not follow the poor choices of your peers. Be a leader. History will remember to herald sound judgment even in the wake of a horrible pandemic. 
Texans are asking, and pleading for you Gov Abbott to soul search and see the truth in our plight. Reverse your decision before many of the people who voted for you and the ones that didn't, find themselves in dire need.
If our lamentations fall on deaf ears then we turn to you and your wisdom Mr. President Biden, Speaker Peolsi , Labor Secretary Marty Walsh, Senators and Congressman , We ask that you step in and intercede on the behalf of the children of Texas. Reinstate the promised wages that were halted by faulty thinking and uneducated guesses. Restore the pandemic assistance you deemed necessary in the beginning.

Thank You.

God bless the State of Texas and God bless America 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!