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Help Stop CORRUPTION! Please FREE Cameron County, Texas! Life or death.

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Please help FREE Cameron County LIFE OR DEATH MATTER. ON FEBRUARY 2015 I WAITED TO HEAR FROM MY WIFE. I LOOKED FOR DAYS, AND WHEN I DID FIND HER SHE WAS GONE... DEAD. Help us shed light on the fear we live under day to day because of a corrupt legal system. A January 2014 story by The Monitor, a local newspaper in South Texas states, “An extensive federal investigation found corruption in the Cameron County’s legal system and judiciary to be SO pervasive that most people probably wouldn’t believe it – ‘unless they heard it themselves’ U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen said in 2013.” A blogger in 2015 quotes in a story about a Border Patrol agent charged with Murder in a drug cartel decapitation in Cameron County, Texas, that out of “over 21,000 Border Patrol agents, 144 were charged with corruption-related crimes over a seven year period between 2006 through 2012.” A South Texas attorney told me, “People who stand up against the corrupt, die in Cameron County. I tell you because I have lost clients.” I don’t have a problem with politicians and sheriffs, District Attorneys and police officers selling their souls, I have a problem when they sell ours.  

On February 28, 2015, Marisa Govea Hernandez killed my wife Mary Tipton, striking her with her white Volkswagen and then leaving the scene without rendering aid or even reporting the accident.  Two hours after the incident Govea Hernandez’ son, Marin Hernandez, a Deputy with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department, called his friend, Officer Nino, a City of Brownsville Police Officer, so he can give him the report. Officer Nino never talked to Govea Hernandez, he didn’t go look for the body, he didn’t call in the incident and he didn’t take pictures, nada. He DID write down the blood, hair and flesh on the shattered windshield. Mary lay face down in a ditch for three days before being discovered by a construction worker walking along FM 803, Cameron County, Texas a.k.a the South most tip of the USA. The Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz told me and Mary’s family that he would personally take care of this incident, unfortunately, he took care to cover up, loose evidence and delete days’ worth of surveillance video of the incident so that to this day, what would have been an open and shut case, remains a pending & open case.  

I continue to fight for her justice each day, fueled by the dozens of other victims that keep messaging me and sharing THEIR story of the same type of judicial abuse and unsolved crimes reeking of underhanded tactics and corrupt deals being made by the same people that have taken an oath to defend justice and the be the voice for all victims. The DA is my elected counsel, yet flowers were sent to the Deputy and his mom, Marisa Govea Hernandez, who killed my wife, Mary Tipton. #Justice4MaryTipton I am calling for a full investigation and inquiry made into my wife's case and other Cameron County, Texas, victims who have come forward with proof of public corruption and mishandling of evidence by all law enforcement involved. 

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