Petition for Texas to join the 39+ states that have online voter registration

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All Texas residents eligible to vote should be given the opportunity to register to vote.  39 states, plus the District of Columbia, have passed legislation on online voter registration and Texas is one of the few states that has yet to join this overwhelming majority.  

Currently in the State of Texas, voter registration is available only to those who are able to complete a paper registration form to mail to their county commissioner of registration. This limited means of registering to vote restricts Texans who currently do not have access to printers and results in unnecessary exposure to COVID-19. Additionally, due to COVID-19, all in-person voter registration efforts are gone. Not giving Texans the opportunity to register online is outdated and wrong. 

Approximately 24% of the voting-eligible population in the United States are not registered to vote. The most recent voter registration act was passed 27 years ago in 1993, far before the widespread use of technology. Thus, it is imperative for the people to demand state representatives to pass legislation on voting registration.

According to the Pew Trust, online voter registration saves taxpayer dollars, increases the accuracy of voter rolls, and provides a convenient way to register or update their information.  The benefit is clear. Please join us to make Texan's voice heard and vote count. 

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