Pass a Texas Monument Protection Bill

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Since 2017 Texas has seen more monuments removed than any other state in the USA. Texans are fed up with the rewriting of our history just because someone is offended. Texans are tired of a few city councilmen & mayors deciding what’s best for Texans without the input/vote of Texans.  The 2021 Monument Protection Bill written by Senator Brandon Creighton & pushed by This Is Texas Freedom Force would put a end to the removal of all Texas Monuments. Many other states have already passed a Monument Protection Bill protecting their own history. This is a embarrassment to Texans because the great state of Texas shouldn’t follow the other 49, we ought to be blazing the path. Since 2017 TITFF has worked with Senator Creighton trying to pass Texas’s Monument Protection Bill. This year, in 2021, we will see this legislation passed! The bill simply states any monuments 40 years old or older cannot be removed. A monument 20 years old to 40 years old can only be removed with a vote by the people of Texas. Monuments 20 years old a d younger can still be removed by the county or city they reside in because a monument 20 years old or younger is not a historical monument. This bill will protect all historical monuments, not just some. We humbly ask you to sign this petition and share it with friends & family. The signatures will be handed over to those who can do what’s right & help protect our Texas History.