Oppose School/Tax Choice

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Do you support the state giving your tax dollars to private schools or homeschools?

Do you support your tax dollars going to private schools when private "School Choice" is really School's Choice since they can reject students based on achievement, disability, gender, discipline issues, etc?

If private schools take taxpayer vouchers, do you support their students being held accountable like public schools students are, i.e. STAAR or the new A-F school ranking system?

Our Texas legislators are incorrectly using the term “School Choice,” especially since public charter schools would also lose funds in the new system. The term “Tax Choice” is more accurate, as a few people want to dictate how their taxes are spent.

Ex: voucher or Education Savings Account (ESA):

  • $5,500 per student X 3 children in a family = $16,500 per year
  • $16,500 X 13 years of school K to 12 = $214,500 for three children

Parents who choose to send their children to private schools should be able to do so, but taxpayers should not have to pay for other people’s private choices.

It boils down to this question, in what other circumstance would you give $16,500 of public tax dollars to a parent to use on something other than what it was collected for?

Please sign your name so we can send a clear message that parents do not want to fund “Tax Choice”!

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