My son's Silenced Outcry! Help Us Save Our Son and Daughter from Physical and Sexual Abuse

My son's Silenced Outcry! Help Us Save Our Son and Daughter from Physical and Sexual Abuse

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Brad & Amanda Lamb started this petition to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott and


     We are Brad and Amanda Lamb and we are crying out to the public for help with our 2 (way too little to be beaten and sexually abused) very young children, my son and daughter. My wife has lived under the same roof with my son since he was 14 months old and has been involved in every aspect of my daughter’s life since birth. A terrible injustice has happened to my wife and me, and worst of all, my 2 young children. In fact, this has affected my entire family and everyone in our lives. My children are, as we speak, in the hands of the person that my son has made multiple outcries against, their mother and their half-brother. The definition of an outcry witness in the United States Law is the person who first hears an allegation of abuse made by a child or another victim of abuse or sexual crime. The witness is legally obligated to report the abuse and may be called upon during the trial proceedings. My son has now made outcries to 6 nurses, 3 separate visits, at 2 separate hospitals, 2 of those nurses being SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) at Cook Children’s Hospital. These include graphic details given by my son, and he made outcries for his little sister as well. He has also made outcries, of course, to my wife and me, various family members and friends, a supervisor appointed by Family Court Services, and a Play Therapist.

     My poor children are caught up in the Tarrant County Family Law Court System where the judge and an amicus attorney continue to shut down any and all investigations that begin for my children, in the criminal sense, and handle every criminal situation in the family law system. This is basically keeping us prisoners in a system that continues to cover the abuse up with no recourse or ability to get anyone on the outside to look at this travesty. To tell you how far this court system has reached to keep this case in silence, I am the parent that is on supervision; oh, it gets worse. My son was moved from the school (more importantly the teacher that he trusted) he was attending when this happened, he has been made to change play therapist, my son told the first supervisor unprompted that  “mommy still hits me in the face” and the court got rid of her, we are on our 3rd supervisor now, it has been 9 months since I have been placed on supervised visits with absolutely no allegations against me whatsoever.

     My son made a horrific outcry against his mother in July. The court forced me to allow the children to go back to their mother’s. Upon return from their mother’s my son makes his second outcry. This time I would not allow the children to go back and be subjected to that again. I got thrown in jail for doing this. I was told that I was the first person in 22 years to be put in jail for interference with child custody. I was picked up by the Fugitive Task Force, dressed in full riot gear and parked in my entire neighborhood like I was El Chapo. I was met with an officer in full riot gear with a riot shield and his gun drawn, standing beside him was an officer in riot gear with the battering ram for our front door, Police and task force cars were parked in our grass, driveway, and all over our street. Standing behind the first 2 officers were another 5 to 7 law enforcement that were in green army gear. The officer with the riot shield even threatened to shoot our family pet, a chiweenie. The officers dressed in the army gear however took over and defused the situation with the arrest and treated me very civil. I then had a 48 hour hold placed on me where no one on the outside could get any info on me or find out what was going on. In my holding cell, which is a 10X10 concrete room with a toilet, I watched the group in my cell get escorted out every 4 hours to see the judge…. Except for me. The officers would tell me nothing, and most seemed even more confused than I was as to why I was there and why I’m not moving in the system like everyone else. This continued to go on every 4 hours until around 5am, where I did not see a judge, but they moved me instead to security level 3 general population jail. My family and support continued to try and get me out, but the jail kept moving me around in the system so no one could find me. My family finally got me out at around midnight the following night. My son yet made another outcry within 12 hours upon my release from jail to a SANE nurse.

     This day while I was in the hospital with my kids, I started to pee a lot of blood and felt like my groin was messed up. I had too much to deal with and thought that the concrete from the jail and the jail stay had caused it and that it would clear up. It did not clear up and this ended up being a deep blood clot that reached from my pelvis/groin area all the way down the entire length of my leg to my ankle. I later found out that this was most likely caused by sitting on a concrete floor for over 24 hours in the jail cell. This put me in the hospital where my prognosis was that they would have to amputate my leg at my hip, but that this blood clot had lots of complications and that I did not have a chance of surviving. They must have been wrong. However, after leaving the hospital I did have a long recovery and almost lost my life from blood clots dislodging on more than one occasion.

      My wife and I took a polygraph test from a highly regarded polygrapher on the subject of coaching, or knowing of any coaching, for the children to say this. We passed with flying colors. I also took a psych test that scored in the normal range. What has happened to my children and my family is an absolute disgrace. The fact that the court has placed the children with the abuser 24/7 with little contact with me and no contact with anyone else that loves them is inexcusable. Our entire support system is very scared that this could end in real tragedy if we do not get help soon. We can only thank God that something tragic has not happened yet. And please keep in mind that this is not just a court system calling me, my wife, my mother, my nephew, 2 family friends, 6 professional nurses, 1 professional supervisor placed by the court system, 1 play therapist placed by the court system all liars, but much more shameful than that, the court is calling a five year old boy a liar. As part of the evidence there are also over 50 pictures of physical abuse, testimony of nurses and supervisors, polygraphs on wife and me, a psych test, and testimony from family and friends. I have now been on supervised visits for 9 months. The initial offense happened to my kids 10 months ago. There is no end in sight, and every attempt to do something about the judge, the amicus, to go higher, to reach media have failed. It is imperative that something be done before it is too late for my little boy and little girl.

     We are desperately seeking help in any way to save our children. There has got to be checks and balances set into place. A judge, or no one else should be above checks and balances. This, being a court that has the lives of innocent children at stake, looks like there would be many different avenues for children in distress; not just closed doors. This should never happen to any children ever again. Something has got to be done to the criminals that do such cruel acts to children and also the corrupt court system that covers it up. We are asking that you please read this, sign the petition, and please pass what’s happening to my children on to as many as possible. Parents should be aware that this could be you, or worse your children. Pray for my children, and all of us involved, that someone step in and take a very close look at this. I can also tell you that we are not the only horror story coming from this court, from this judge, or from this amicus. In fact, the way that we found, was an email from a woman that was writing in to about this same attorney that took her children in a similar fashion. Please help us stand up and fight this corruption.

     This court, this judge along with her amicus, have successfully managed to shut all doors to any type of a criminal investigation by shutting outside investigations down from the start and keeping investigations "in-house" and behind closed doors. Not a word from CPS, Fort Worth PD, or the (CACU) Crimes Against Children Unit. My kids are trapped with her right now with no one checking in, the court is keeping my son silent as much as the mother is. Someone step up. This is just the latest of a long list of outcries made by my innocent little boy!

Below are detailed accounts of what has happened and the names of all involved. Continue to read if you want to know more. 


Fort Worth PD Offense #190056581                                                                               C Hughes - Badge #4589-K Lanier - Badge #4586-Sgt. Leach 

Cook Children's-SANE Nurse - Crystal Baxter-   (682)-885-3953                                                                      **Made outcry

Crimes Against Children Unit-Detective Joshua Rodriquez - Badge #3966               Sgt DeHoyas (spelling?)

CPS                                                                                                                                Protective Services Investigator-Cynthia Allen   (682)-228-8934                        Supervisor-Kelli Bailey (last name?)  (817)-348-1146                                          Family Advocate- Eliza Marentes (817)-348-1108                                        Forensic Interviewer- Mackenzie Phillips (817)-427-3110


* Friday, June 28, 2019 - Pick up the kids from their mother’s after one week. My wife, Amanda, accompanies me on all exchanges.
*Upon arrival at home, my son unleashes an earful of being hit, being sucked, being sodomized, & his sister being raped in graphic detail to me & my wife.
*9am Monday, July 1st, the kids & I were at the Women's Center begging for help with our situation & told them our story; 2 hrs there. 
*Arrived at Alliance for Children 11am & told them our story.  Women's Center had made contact with them as well.  
*Alliance contacted CPS, & we were to wait in the lobby for a CPS worker to arrive.  Waited 1.5 hrs for CPS.
Front desk called me up to desk, & advised me that CPS had just called him, & said this case was closed, & we needed to leave.  
*Contacted Ft. Worth PD at approximately 4pm, & told dispatch our story of the day, & that we were reaching out to report abuse & molestation.  
*Office Hughes & Lanier arrived, heard our whole story, & escorted us to Cook Children's.  Hughes ordered an exam & interview with a SANE nurse for us.  He waited in the lobby with us the entire time until we were taken back.  He gave me all his info before he left; told me to contact him for anything & told me he had a detailed report of all that he witnessed, my demeanor, & was going to write something in the report no coaching suspected.  
*SANE nurse did an exam.  My little boy made an outcry.  We left around 10pm.
*Tuesday morning, I was contacted by Detective Rodriquez, & was asked to go to Alliance for Children for my son’s forensic interview.
*After my son’s interview, they interviewed me.  I asked if he made an outcry.  Detective Rodriquez replied "you wouldn't be sitting here if he didn't.  We would have asked you to leave."  
*Detective Rodriquez said he was going to talk to the abusers.
*Cynthia Allen said something along the lines that a safety plan would be in order before the kids had to go back to their mother's Friday at 6pm.  
*Wednesday & Thursday with no contact from CPS nor Detective after leaving Rodriquez a voicemail & a couple of text.  After that, still no contact from anyone involved.  
*Friday I am frantically trying to get in touch with both CPS & Det Rodriquez with no response.  Family members & friends start reaching out as well to them in order to ensure the kid's safety.
*Det Rodriquez finally calls me around 5pm, & the kids are to be back with their mom in an hour.  I ask him to please let me know what's happened with the case.  He responded that he hasn't talked to anyone yet including Cynthia Allen.  I ask him if I have to return the kids, & he replied that's between me & the judge.  Still no contact from CPS.  
*The kid’s mother picked them up Friday 6pm.
*First contact from anyone is Wednesday, July 10th, from Cynthia Allen wanting to do a home visit for the following week when I have the kids.  I told her sure, no problem.  
*I go the rest of the week with no contact.  
*Friday, July 12th, my wife & I pick up the kids at 6pm.  Immediately, when my son gets in the car, he tells us that he's been raped & molested all week long, & that his mother & half-brother had been telling him that he better not talk to any teachers or the police anymore.  Told me that his half brother told him that what he & my innocent son were doing was naughty, & that my precious boy would be the one to be in trouble.
*At 6:06pm, I leave Detective Rodriquez a detailed voicemail of everything that my traumatized boy had just told my wife & me.
*At 8:27pm, sent Cynthia Allen a detailed text of what my little boy just told me.
*Friday, Saturday, & Sunday nights we reached out to every resource there is for complaints, a hotline, or anything at all to do with child sexual abuse.
Through this process, I got the name of Det Rod superior, Sgt DeHoyas, & Cynthia Allen's superior, Kelli Baily, & their contact info.  
*Still no contact from anyone involved.
*Lots of behavioral issues have come up that needed to be reported to someone such as my daughter's masturbation, extreme sexual behavior of both children.  A lot more graphic details from my precious boy.
*Monday morning, July 15th, Sgt DeHoyas returned my call, & listened to all my concerns.  
*Monday some time Kelli Bailey, with Cynthia Allen at her side, called me.  I gave them an earful; lots of anger on my behalf.  Let them know how extremely dangerous & negligent it was to put the children back in the situation that not only were they being raped & molested all week long, but now threatened by his mother and half-brother about talking to police & teachers.  Cynthia never said a word.  
*Tuesday 8:25am Det Rod finally makes contact, & I told him the same things I told Kelli & Cynthia.  He told me that was between CPS & me, & that he was doing his job.  
*Shortly after, Cynthia Allen contacted me, & wanted to come meet with me.  I told her that I will not be put in a situation where I would be alone with anyone else in the system without some kind of professionals in this field accompanying me.  
*I made arrangements with the Women's Center where my wife & I are in therapy in a trauma group for parents & guardians where they know our story well.  
*CPS spoke to my son very briefly with our case manager, Cheryl, standing in the doorway.  
*CPS spoke to me with Cheryl in the doorway, & as you can imagine, I unleashed all my concerns with full anger & anxiety.  EVERY WORD WAS THE TRUTH ON HOW THEY HANDLED THIS; how they've always handled this. 
*The kids are exhibiting many disturbing issues. We deal with my little boy’s flashbacks that he has at night quite often as it is, however, it is ramped up quite a bit during these past couple of weeks. One night, my son was crying out for me around 3am. When I walked into his room he was standing up on his backboard of his bed (bed is shaped like a car and the backboard is a fin of a car) trying to climb the corner of the wall screaming for help. I held him and watched him play out one of the episodes of being molested and sodomized. He kept telling me how they were hurting him back there (him pointing at his anus). This was over around 5am and he fell asleep in my arms where I took him and put him in bed with us. My little boy and little girl are having to be separated constantly and told about how inappropriate that it is for either one to be putting things (fingers or toes) in each other’s private parts. The kids put toys down their underwear and is trying to get the other to get it. My daughter is constantly bending over or lying beside him on the couch with her butt up in the air pointing at her vagina and telling him to “put it in there”. She even told me one day while sitting beside me to put it in there while pointing at her vagina. We had to go in and separate them one night (they have not bathed together since) because my son was trying to get in position to put his penis inside her while she was telling him to put it in there. My son also killed a lizard outside. I know this last one does not sound like a big deal, but we spend many nights walking our streets so that my boy can save the frogs and June bugs off the street as to not get run over. He never ever hurts anything and is very compassionate for animals and bugs.
*Thursday, July 18. I am cleaning up the house and the kids are always at my side. This time my daughter is playing in her room and my son is in our bedroom hanging up some shirts for Amanda. My son walks over to my belt that’s hanging from a clothes hanger and says mommy hits me with this. I said she does? He said yes, me and his sister. I explained to him that I don’t spank him but that I do sometimes spank my daughter. I explained to him that I only use my hand on her bottom and never hard enough to leave any marks. I told him that some parents use belts on the bottom too and that’s ok, but they don’t leave marks.  I asked my son if he knows what marks are, & he said yes, lines.  My brave son said mommy leaves marks. I grabbed a clothes hanger and said does mommy ever hit you with these? My little boy said no, but come in here, he ran into the kitchen and I followed him. He got up on the counter and grabbed the big wooden spoon and the wooden fork out of the utensil holder. He said that mommy hits me in my forehead and all over back here with these (he is pointing all over the side and back of his head), I said, she hits you with these? He said yes, and sometimes I bleed. My son then said that she does that to my sister and the half-brother too.  He said that mom  & half-brother told him not to talk to the police or teachers. Mom said if he talks to the police, he will not see daddy anymore.  I told him to lets stop working and play outside. Outside my son walked up to me and was crying so hard that I could not understand him. He took me over to a lizard that he smashed with a brick. He was crying about hurting the lizard. I explained that its ok, we mess up. Now he knows what it feels like to really hurt something and that it doesn’t seem that he will be doing that again. My brave son then explains to me that his half-brother killed his guinea pig. I stressed my concern. My son then tells me that his half-brother got a sharp knife from the kitchen and cut off one of the legs from his brown guinea pig. He said that the guinea pig started screaming and that he ran out of the bathroom. He said that by the time that his mom got in there that his half-brother had cut off all four legs and that mom cleaned up the blood and threw the dead guinea pig in the trash.
*Friday July 19th at 10am Cynthia Allen along with another CPS worker shows up for a home visit, our first one. This outcry to us is now at 3 weeks. She takes pictures of the rooms, fridge, etc. Cynthia Allen refuses to go to my son’s room or anywhere else to talk to my son. My wife and I express to her that we thought that she would be talking to him since no one really has. She said that she does not have authorization to talk to him and that she was closing the case. My wife is in tears and we are asking how can they do that. Cynthia explained to us that the mom was going to be taking the kids to play therapy even after what we have been through with this mother, all of the new concerns, that the mom is threatening him as well and that my son has expressed to us that his half-brother does all of these sexual things to the kids while mommy is away in the community computer room of the apartment but while mommy is touching his pee pee and putting her thumb in his anus that O is in the house and sometimes watches. She said nothing at all and they left,
*We call as many friends and family members as possible on such short notice on a Friday to meet up at the police station in our precinct. We were all pleading for help from the police. They responded fast and we had about 7 officers on the phone. They knew that the mother was to pick up the children at 6pm and it was 1pm when this began at the station. They opened up an animal cruelty case for us and contacted CPS to come and talk to my son. We waited, along with the officers to show up for about 3 hours. A couple of the police officers walked over to us and said that they just received a call from CPS, and they are refusing to come out. They explain my rights as a parent and said that they would not take my children from me, that a judge would have to do that. They said if the children were theirs that they would just keep the children and take it up with the judge. We asked the officers if CPS has ever refused to come down for something as serious as this? They all replied no, this is a first.
*I sent a text to Detective Rodriquez explaining to him that my son had been threatened, got molested again all week under CPS safety plan (with the mom assuring their safety?) and had his pet guinea pig mutilated right in front of him. I am not running, he knows where we live, he has my phone number, and that the kids are safe.
*July 24th, a hearing for the mother’s petition for Habeas Corpus was held in the 325th Judicial District Court, Tarrant County, before Judge Judith Wells.  Judge Wells found no evidence of an endangering environment with the mother & returned the children to her care.  She then immediately made an order that the children were NOT to be left unaccompanied with mother’s 15 year old son.  This ruling is wholly inconsistent & contradictory to her finding. 
*July 25th, Wells appointed Lyndsay Newell (again) as amicus attorney, although the appointment of an amicus was not an issue in the days earlier court proceedings.  My legal team explicitly requested that Newell NOT be appointed in this case as substantial evidence questioning the impartiality of Newell was available.  Note: Newell was awarded a judgement on me in excess of $11,000 with payments being set up as child support payments at $350 per month when my child support is only $280. 
*July 26th, legal team filed a motion to recuse Judge Wells.  This in addition to the previous days is all documented with evidence & court proceedings. 
*July 31st, I was arrested by a fugitive task force early that morning.  I was charged with two felony counts of Interference with Child Custody.  The application of this penal code provision is an extreme rarity state-wide.  Most counties even have a written policy against it’s use.  There was a hold placed on my release.  This still remains unexplained. 
*August 1st, I was finally released late this night.  My children were asleep in their car seats when my wife picked me up.  I laid my sleeping children down when we arrived home.
*August 2nd, immediately upon my son’s awakening, he made another outcry to me about more abuse, & being threatened about telling.  I immediately took the children to the police station in Weatherford knowing that I had no help from the Ft. Worth PD, in particular, Detective Rodriquez & Sgt DeHoyas.  They sent me straight over to the Weatherford hospital where my son made 3 different outcries to 3 different nurses.  The hospital sent for the Care Unit ambulance to transport us to Cook Childrens in Ft. Worth so that my son could speak to a SANE Nurse.  My son Yeah made another outcry to the SANE Nurse, Stacey Henley, who later testified of his outcry & even his fear of leaving with his mother.  I was instructed sternly by my attorneys to let the children go back with their mother this day & handle it in court.  They knew they would throw me right back in jail.  This was the last day that I’ve seen my children; at hospitals all day, sitting with my son as he reaches out for help.  Lastly, being the last time seeing him was him being fearful of going back with his mother. 
My attorney’s, along with my now criminal attorney, Mike Schneider, found out that Detective Rodriquez is the person that put the warrant out for my arrest and sent the Task Force to pick me up. This is the detective assigned to the open child molestation case against mother and half-brother, arresting the protective parent for the children and doing absolutely nothing to protect the children from the people that they have been placed with that the outcries were made about.
*August 9th, attorneys for Mother filed for a temp restraining order seeking to prevent me from seeing my children until the hearing scheduled for August 22nd. 
*August 22nd, Even after presenting 5 outcries to nurses (two being Cook SANE nurses), testimony of one SANE Nurse, testimony of one of the police officers, testimony of both my wife & me of the abuse & outcries, two polygraphs passed with “flying colors” by my wife & me with Eric Holden, one of the most respected polygraphers around, Wells granted the restraining order, & kept me from my children. 
*August 26th, the motion to dissolve my temp restraining order, again with overwhelming evidence against the mother, was denied.  Judge Wells told us she would look over the evidence & give us a final ruling.
*August 27th, received notice from my attorneys that Judge Wells ordered that I have only supervised visits with my children.  

I know that is a lot, but if you want to read even more about my son earlier on, keep reading.....

I received a text back in 2014 from a woman that she was pregnant with my baby. This would later be my precious little boy. She informed me that she did not want to have the baby and wanted to abort him. She said that she knew that I was a great father and wanted to give me the option of keeping him. I told her that of course I wanted him and that I would raise him by myself, I would figure it out. She and I had a birth plan in place and she would sign him over to me. This did not happen as planned but I did take on full responsibility of the raising of our son solely on my own. Mother did not want to have anything to do with the baby and did not want to “mess him up like I messed up my oldest son”. All supported by documentation and text from the mother herself.  The half-brother was her 11 year old son at the time that had a lot of mental problems, including but not limited to, trying to commit suicide at the age of 8 (told by mother), pulling a shank on an Aledo bus full of kids in attempt to kill one, was taken early from his father and kept from him for years, even changed his legal name so that the father could not find them. My son’s childhood was truly amazing. He flourished beyond most baby’s standards. He was walking at 6 months, he was talking so early, and was fully potty trained at 11 months.  His mother informed me one day that she was pregnant again and that the baby was mine. I told her that I could not have things as unstable as they were, that she and I had a deal that me and my son would be on our own. She was instantly mad at me and told me that the unborn baby was not mine after all and the father was someone from East Texas. I told her that was a good thing and that my son and I would be leaving.  The next morning, the plan was to feed my son breakfast & leave.  During his breakfast, there was a knock at the door, lots of police officers.  One came inside to talk to me while the others stood outside to talk to my son’s mother.  I had no idea what this was about.  The officer with me explained to me that they had received a call from my son’s mother stating that she was being held hostage.  I explained to him that was not true.  After they got my side of the story, they explained to her what being held hostage was, & that this was a civil matter.  Right when they left, she started telling me that not only was the unborn baby not mine, but that my son was not mine either.  She made up a story, pulled up a guy’s profile on Facebook, & told me he was the father of my little boy.  I told her I know this was untrue, & that he was mine.  She told me she already had a paternity test done on him, but that we needed to get in the car & go get a paternity test right then so that she could take off with my child.  We got in the car & drove down to Walgreens for a paternity test.  When I got out of the car to walk around & get my son out, she locked the doors, jumped over into the driver’s seat, & proceeded to take off with my son.  I knew that she had done this before, taken a child from the father, & I got on the hood to prevent her from driving off with my son.  I yelled out for people to call 911 as she drove off and down Bryant Irving in Ft Worth with me on the hood.  Cars eventually made her veer off the road, & the police eventually show up.  After visiting with us quite a while, they decided to contact CPS, & took us all down to the police station.  There, we both told our sides of the story, & the CPS worker said this is a very unusual case for her.  That she had not had a case where the primary caregiver was the father, & the mother not really in the picture.  She said this was confirmed by my side & the mother’s side both.  She set a safety plan in place.  My mom was to be involved.  I could be with the baby all day until he went to sleep, & then I would have to leave, & could return first thing the next morning, & this would continue this way from Friday, day of incident, through Wednesday, until we were assigned a case social worker & get things filed at the court.  On Monday, after hours, my mom & I received a call from CPS telling us that we were to load my son up & bring him down to the CPS office by Ridgemar Mall in Ft. Worth.  They gave us no explanation.  They told us to have him there immediately, or a sheriff would come pick him up.  We loaded my son up in the car seat & drove him down to the CPS office as directed, & we would surely clear this up once we got there.  As soon as we arrived, there was a woman waiting outside, we later found out was our social worker (she never identified herself).  She walked into the CPS office in front of us, & then had three people waiting.  We walked into the first locked door to another locked door, & the social worker explained to me that they would be taking my son to the back room.  She walked up to me, grabbed my little boy out of my arms, handed him to someone else, & they walked off.  She didn’t let us into the second locked door, & then she explained to my mother & me that my son was going to live in Houston with his mother & her brother.  I argued with them, letting them know that she’s never raised him, & doesn’t even know his schedule.  That my son doesn’t even know this uncle, & why in the world would they be letting him go to Houston to live, & away from me; what do I do?  They told me to calm down, that they were recording this, and that they would call the police if they had to. My mother and I were dumbfounded. Told them that this is kidnapping and that she has done this before. They explained to me that there’s nothing I could do about it, & that’s what was happening.  They pushed us out the door, locked the doors.  My mother & I were lost at what to do, so we called the original CPS worker that came to the station & set the safety plan up.  We explained to her what just happened at the CPS office, & she said that was impossible; they’d never do that, & that it’s not their protocol.  She asked me what happened for CPS to step in on Monday.  I told her nothing at all; that they called to tell me to bring my son to the office immediately.  She told us we could call the police & gave us the complaint’s number for CPS.  We called both, as well as reached out to anyone we could think of to stop this.  This was my first run-in with how crooked CPS is.  For the next 33 days, I had to hire an attorney, hire a private detective to track down my son’s mother to serve her papers to bring her back to Ft. Worth for court.  This was the first time for my son & I to be separated since he was born.  I called CPS, CPS Complaints, the social worker, her supervisor, her manager, & received no help from any of these mentioned.  We finally tracked her down, & brought her back for court, where we started a 50/50 possession schedule.  Abuse was evident from the very start in her care.  My son was having terrible diarrhea immediately upon pick up from his mother’s house.  When it was evident that it was only upon pick up from his mother, I reached out to her to please stop doing whatever she’s doing to my son to cause this diarrhea.  We were also assigned an amicus attorney, Lyndsay Newell, that I was to report all concerns to.  I contacted Lyndsay about this diarrhea when it didn’t stop.  I also told Lyndsay about how horribly deformed my son’s stomach would be upon pick up from his mother’s & would be gone after a bout of diarrhea through the night.  This went on for the next year & a half with my son. My wife, Amanda, started living with us when my little boy was around 16 months old, and while his mother was 7 months pregnant with my daughter.  Amanda also lived and witnessed all of the following and was present at all court hearings. She also started accompanying me on all exchanges of the kids 3.5 years ago out of fear of the many different extraordinary lies that she would tell, and the people that we were reaching out to believed her.  My daughter was born in July 2016.  I wanted to be part of the baby’s life, but her mother made that extremely difficult.  I paid for the paternity test but their mother refused to take my daughter in for testing and disobeyed court orders several different times and kept me from seeing my daughter. We finally got that done when my little girl was about 3 months old, she robbed us of special time. During this time, my son is starting to show signs of physical abuse. He had knots and bruises on his head all of the time and would flat out say that mommy does it, and would show my wife and I how she does it with his hand. We reported all of our concerns to Lyndsay Newell as instructed by the court and by my attorney. She never responded. My attorney, Jeff Branch, would instruct us to document and start taking pictures. We started taking pictures and documenting, as well as, sending these pictures to Lyndsay Newell. She received many pics of belt marks, black eyes, knotted and bruised up foreheads, horrid diarrhea pics along with the huge extended guts, and the added bonus now of having my kids asleep upon arriving to pick them up at 6pm until the next mid-morning of 9:30am to 11am (between 13.5 to 17 hours upon pickup from their mother’s). Sleeping children with horrible diarrhea. Reported all of this to Lyndsay Newell. Even after receiving many disturbing pictures of abuse, along with our concerns and behavioral issues in the children, the outcries of abuse that my son was telling us about, countless pleas for help, she never came out.  Not one of the many pics that you will see did she check on. I paid for a court investigation to get under way. We were assigned, by our Judge Judith Wells, Crystal Baird as the court investigator. I pleaded for help from her. My wife and I both talked to her and showed her an abundance of overwhelming evidence that abuse was clearly happening. We told her all that my son tells us. The rest will just be in the affidavits and part of our interrogatories that is in a more factual basis.

Interrogatories August 2019

1/15/18 Monday - I picked up the kids at 6pm.  Both kids were knocked out.  This is a normal routine for my little girl & hit & miss for my little boy.  My daughter slept until 10am the next day.  My son woke up around 9pm.  As soon as he woke up, he looked at me with the face that he's only had when he's been assaulted.  He would try to play & smile & be normal, but then would get this look back on his face again.  I knew this meant he had been assaulted again, but this time he's being vocal about it.  I immediately told him let's go take a bath, & it would make him feel better.  Again, he was trying to avoid having to take his clothes off.   He was very leery of letting me see his butt.  I asked if his bobo was ok, & he told me no with a very ashamed look on his face.  Then he began telling me over & over that someone hurt him right here & showed me his anus.  Amanda started videoing our conversation until I became too emotional.   When we turned the phone off, I held my poor boy for quite a while.  He held me tightly while he cried.  I always assumed that this was either his brother or his uncle.  I never dreamed this was his own mother sexually abusing him.  While I was holding him, I was trying to think of a way to get him to communicate who was doing this to him without straight asking him.  I asked him what he did this weekend.  He said he was at his mother's house.  I said did you go to uncle's house, & he said no.  I asked if he went anywhere fun this weekend, & he said no.  He then looked up at me with his lip quivering & said Mommy did me while pointing at his butt.  I said mommy does that to you, & he said yes.  I asked if his mommy does that to his sister too, & he said no.  I said “only me”, & he said “uh huh”.  I notified my attorney & started talking about getting a plan into action.  The kid's behavior was horrible all week (understandably).  I notified my counselor on Wednesday & sent her the video.  I also sent my attorney the video & have now also sent it to Lyndsay Newell.  When I picked up the kids on Friday, both kids fell asleep quickly.  We dropped by our apartment & picked up old, frozen diapers (frozen to be tested for any kinds of drugs, chemicals).  We researched & found a rape hospital, so we took the kids to Harris downtown.  We notified the front desk that we were there for sexual abuse on my son, & drugs being given to both kids.  We wanted the police & CPS notified, for my abused son to be examined, blood work for both kids, & diapers to be examined.  They were fantastic, & finally it seemed like someone was listening & cared.  We went through a lengthy process & told the story many times.  Everyone treated us like we were victims, & it really seemed like we were going to get help.  Around 11pm, they notified us that they were going to send us over to Cook Children's to get the exam because they couldn't do an exam on a child.  As soon as we got to Cook Children’s, everything changed.  We got the same treatment that I've received every time I've reached out for help which is doors closed, & don't want to hear it.  The doctor gave me a few minutes of her time, looked over the children quickly, & sent us on our way.  I asked if she could do a proper sexual exam, & she said she saw nothing to make her need to perform an exam on my poor boy.  She didn't see any reason for blood work nor to test the diapers.  I called 911 in the lobby, & the same police officer came up.  I told him there has to be something that can be done; they're sending us out the door.  He told me it was the doctor's call.  Saturday, I contacted Ft. Worth police department, & asked for someone to come out & make an official report on sexual abuse.  Four officers came out.  Two of which were in my apartment the whole time.  These two officers really listened & seemed to be concerned.  They watched the video & looked at pictures & said that something was definitely going on.  They could see a cut & abrasions on my son’s rectum & said that he would make all the proper notes in his report.  He said that an investigator would be in contact with me on Monday. 

This was the sexual abuse reported above.  As far as suspecting their mother of giving my daughter something to make her sleep upon most all pickups, was almost every exchange.  As far as suspecting their mother of giving my daughter something to make her have massive diarrhea, was almost every exchange.  CPS nor hospitals were ever contacted because we had an amicus attorney & a court investigator.  Both were contacted on the abuse, & neither ever came out & checked on the children.  As far as my poor boy telling my wife & me of physical abuse done to him, was almost at every exchange.  This was reported to these two hardworking investigators, Lyndsay & Crystal.  Again, these two never came to check on the kids.

***UPDATE 04/09/20***

     First thing this morning, the amicus attorney in our case, Lyndsay Newell, filed her Motion for Internet Restrictions. The court has left innocent children, in the hand's of the person that my son has made many outcries against, for 10 months without supervision on her whatsoever. The court, for some reason that no one is able to clearly give, instead puts the whistleblower on supervision........with supervisors that they switch out when they testify against the mother. That makes sense! The court places them, they tell the truth, the court gets rid of them. It's like Groundhog Day! The court dragged this out for 10 months, putting off hearings and making outlandish rulings. Lyndsay will get this motion against me by the end of the week by her "bud" Judge Wells, I bet. The entire court system wants my mouth shut, like they have shut my poor son's mouth. The way that this whole thing works in The Tarrant County Family Law, well in the 325th court I know first hand, has a lot of fingers that reach out to control the outcomes of cases. If there is abuse involved, there is a lot of money in the pot for everyone in this web. For example, our team has probably spent close to 400K since "try" and protect children. Let me walk you through, I was a dipsh** and had no idea the farce that the system to protect children was. When you suspect abuse, the judge will appoint an amicus attorney, Lyndsay Newell, to be the "investigative arm" so that she can "get down to" what is going on with these kiddos. You have no choice in the matter, but it all should be on the up, right?...... I had no idea. Judge Wells has certain amicus attorneys that she uses (buddies) that can dictate cases to go however they see fit, and control all of the spendings as well. The court makes me pay all of her side of legal fees, make me pay for both psych exams, make me pay for any and all witnesses that are brought forward...... Basically anything and everything is paid for by me and ordered by the judge. Once the amicus is in place, the hearings are decided well before we ever walk into the court house by the judge and the amicus, possibly over hot toddies. They know that a parent that is trying to save their child from abuse will give their money, their house, their kidney, or would even give their life........ like a blood clot. Once the amicus has started to sh**pile too much evidence under the rug, like way the hell over too many pics (like 75 too many) that could be explained away by, "they must be clumsy kids". The judge and amicus get to the "oh sh**"  moment, where the evidence is just too overwhelming, and they must shut my son up or they would have to admit to allowing indescribable abuse that went on for years under their nose while being reported the entire time. The judge then appoints a court invstigator, that works for the court, that also happens to be great "buds" with Lyndsay Newell and judge wells. Lyndsay never came to check on the kids and never saw any red flags with any of the pictures or the horrifying things that my wife and I were telling her. Lyndsay's buddy, in this case, Crystal Baird, the court investigator that I paid for, PLACED BY judge wells, also never came out to check on the children, and also did not see any "red flags" of child abuse. Both without ever coming out. That is a court investigation. If you buck, however, like I did, they go further. The court, upon Lyndsay's request, replaced the play therapist (one that my son started seeing right after a horrific sexual outcry) and switched my son to a strange new play therapist (at this time?) that Lyndsay Newell picked. This play therapist happened to be on maternity leave, and she did not see my son until months after the sexual abuse took place. She also happened to not see any "red flags". The judge then motions that I take a psych evaluation, from a psychiatrist that also works in the building with the play therapist. If I'm not mistaken,  the company that they both work for is contracted out by the court. That would be very convenient to keep it all "in house", and behind closed doors. The opposing counsel does not ever have to do, prove, or defend, a damn thing, They are basically told to show up and watch the sh** show. The only testimony that the other side has ever had is from the mother claiming, "I think they make it up". Yep, that is it!  We have really hard pictures to look at with bruised faces and bodies with the times taken, testimony from Sexual Assault Nurses (can you believe? they are babies, younger when this happened), testimony of my wife and me (it is rough to hear), testimony from family members and other close friends, testimony from cops, testimony from the supervisors (before they get rid of them), and the saddest testimony of all, is my son's outcries to the Sexual Assault Nurses in his own words. This judge, and this amicus attorney, deserve to face criminal charges for child abuse and child endangerment. The judge having to step down to assure that she can not do this to children any more after my son and daughter, would be getting off way too easy. THIS IS CRIMINAL. MY KID'S HAVE RIGHTS TO NOT BE BEATEN AND SEXUALLY ASSAULTED.  The amicus attorney only being disbarred is not enough either.  She covered up evidence, put a stop to outside investigations (along with Cat Borum on the opposing side), and picked certain people to control the situations as to shut my son up. She is as guilty of child abuse as the person that she so passionately defends. In a place of family law, where children's delicate lives are juggled in the hands of judges and amicus attorneys like this, we have got to get people like this out and get people with INTEGRITY and CHARACTER in their place. Kids deserve so much better than this, my precious kids sure as hell do.  

***UPDATE 04/06/20***

     We have gone from July to now, begging for justice for my poor boy and precious daughter from this court. Instead, the court punishes Amanda and me, and worst of all, punishes the kids and leave them in danger. The court puts the parent that has never had allegations of any kind with the children, in fact, the one that tries to get my son and daughter help, on supervised visits. The court then places the children with the mother that my son has made multiple outcries against.....full time with no breaks. Allowed the mother to change schools, his teacher. Forced us to change the play therapist that my son knew, and replaced her for a play therapist that the amicus attorney picked. Has changed supervisors now 4 times, my son & my daughter start over with each one. Ignore testimony of a supervisor that testified in court that on her very first supervised visit with the kids & me that my son said at the end of his visit that he did not want to go back & his mother still hits him in his face.  Keep in mind, it had been 36 days since I had been allowed to see my children.  With no explanation, the court gets rid of this supervisor with not a single attorney on either side asking for removal.  Ignore testimony that my son shows such fear when having to be returned to his mother that he once drew blood on the supervisor's arm by holding onto her so tightly while she buckled him into his mother's car.  Ignore testimony of a sexual assault nurse testifying that my poor son seemed fearful of his mother, & that she would not have let the children go back with their mother if not for the police instruction.  Ignore testimony of a police officer testifying that the opposing counsel was on the phone during my son's latest outcry discouraging the police involvement, & in fact, ordering for the children to be taken by their mother while they restrain me in the back.  We have been trying to get the supervision removed, & instead, a proper investigation on the mother since August.  I had no where else to turn besides to try & reach out to the public & get as many to read my son & daughter's story as possible.  I received a text today letting me know that the amicus & the opposing counsel was demanding for me to take this petition down.  I will not be surprised if they try to arrest me soon to shut me up.  Please don't focus on me; they have shut my son up for way too long.  I am not taking this down.  We need someone that can help to read this, or we need someone to read this that knows someone that can help.  Please read my son & daughter's story.  Please share with as many people as possible in every way.  This may sound like the craziest sh** that you've ever heard, but these could be your kids, & you can fact check every word.  There is a paper trail on every single bit of this; I have made sure of that.  I even have emails of CPS workers that were very helpful until after they got off the phone with this amicus attorney.  Any time that the amicus gets involved, any investigation stops.  We need help because this is the court, & there are absolutely no checks & balances.  The court is just learning of this petition today, & this court will move very fast at trying to enforce me to take it down.           




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