Keep Texas Safe! Keep the Mask Mandate!

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Governor Abbott, 

Don't remove the mask mandate. Despite the amount of people being vaccinated and the goal to get enough vaccine doses by May, it is unrealistic and foolish to drop the mask requirement.

This pandemic, which has been ravaging the Earth since December of 2019, must be stopped. I am sure you know someone who got it. I am sure that everyone reading this has known someone who got it. I have known someone who got it. At the time of writing this, Covid-19 has killed almost 45,000 Texans.

Many Texans are still recovering from the recent winter storm, and don't need this additional headache on top of that. Imagine being without hot water and electricity, and the government decides to increase the risk of getting coronavirus before you can even have heat in your home. It is completely unfair.

Being the victim of an immunosuppressive disease, I can tell you that I am firm in my position, as the thousands of other people in Texas suffering from similar diseases that give them compromised immune systems would agree. For some, this idea of "herd immunity" may work, but for us, the stakes could be no higher.

I beg you to reconsider, as for some, it could be the difference between life and death. If you don't, the people of Texas will never forgive you.


An immunocompromised teen from Texas