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I’m making this for my little brother that was murdered 10/11/18 and we haven’t got justice yet!We want justice to start with can u please help us get that!it has been two years and there has been no suspects named but the only two people there was Amber McDaniel the Mom and James staley her boyfriend my little brother Jason Wilder McDaniel has his life taken away at the age of two!The Wichita Falls police Department said from the beginning they didn’t know how to do this case and botched it and are scared of getting countersued so they aren’t helping at all!a forensic investigator is helping to do whatever he can for us!But the pillow that had all my little brother blood on it only had two peoples dna James staley and My little brother!James staley III daughter said my daddy kicked wilder of the bed before any of this even happened!He has had charges on him for carrying a gun when not having a license he has beat up a nurse when she was tryna to help him because he was drinking and driving now he is trying to pay her off!the person that was in charge of the court case knew James staley III parents they paid for her schooling funds!The Autopsy said his death was undetermined but he didn’t die from natural causes it was a homicide when they asked for James Staley’s hand where he grabbed my little brothers face he gave him the other hand and hid the hand he did it with!now he is trying to say the mom did it when she has had all of her thumb prints hand prints every thing done nothing came back to be her’s!