Investigate the Texas Waller County Police Department for Misconduct!

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On July 10th, 2015, Sandra Bland was stopped by Officer Brian Encinia for a routine traffic stop. Video footage has recently come out showing that this officer did not comply with traffic stop procedures. He POINTED A GUN at her for no apparent reason, arrested her, and brought her to jail. Officer Encinia took her mugshot while she was dead and staged her hanging in her cell, where she was found three days after being arrested. She was hung using a trash can liner that was tied to a hook on the ceiling. 

It has been revealed that the Waller County Jail where Sandra was held failed to follow proper procedures. The FBI conducted an investigation and found that employees of the jail did not have required mental health training and there were no routine checks on inmates. A grand jury decided NOT to indite jail employees or the county sheriff. Officer Encinia was charged with perjury but those charges were dropped after he agreed to end his law enforcement career permanently. 

Sandra was about to start a new job. She was happy. Her committing suicide simply doesn't make sense. This is clear misconduct on part of the Waller County Police Department. This police department MUST be re-investigated for both their inadequate response to and role in Sandra's death. Sandra Bland did not die in vain.