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The Addition of Austin in the Dallas-Houston Bullet Train

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Dallas-Houston's bullet train is currently being built to provide means of faster transportation between cities. This bullet train is hypothesized to cut the time of traveling by car in half, to around 90 minutes. It has gained popularity by the people in both Dallas and Houston. Though, why isn't this project including Austin? 

The most important factor of why it should be implemented in Austin is because it is the site of one of the rigorous colleges in Texas, University of Texas at Austin. Many students are from Dallas or Houston. This bullet train can allow for students to go back home to see their family and friends more often because of the faster transportation than car or the iconic "megabus."

Being the capital city of Texas, there is a lot of tourists that comes by to see the Texas Senate Capitol and everything that Austin has to offer. There are many tourists that are from Dallas or Houston that came to Austin for the attractions. By providing a faster means of transportation for these tourists, people are more willing to go if it means cutting the time by half to get to Austin. This will increase the profits for businesses.

Other important factors of why it should be implemented are medical emergencies, more resources, business purposes, and many more. 

Help by signing this petition to let lawmakers know how important this would be for students and many others.


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