I want the president to get my dad home. He is stuck in the Philippines.

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My dad was helping the homeless in the Philippines. One homeless man was mean to my dad and filed charges over there for no reason and stole his passport. I have a sister over there as well. The charges were eventually dropped and he got his passport back but immigration put my dad on the blacklist so he can't leave the country. My dad filled a motion to get him off the list 2 years ago and he still hasn't heard from immigration. I haven't seen my dad in over 4 years. Please help me get him home!!! He is sick. 65 years old. He has medical problems that need to be check out. He is a ordained preacher.  He's done missionary work for 35 years.  I've been trying to get him home for over 2 years now. Government won't help.  My dad owes thousands of dollars for his over stay fee but that's not his fault he has been trying to come home. So corrupt in the Philippines. I'm begging for help I miss him so much. Cancer runs in our family and other medical issues Im worried about his health. He had a bother pass away a year ago and did not get to attend his funeral in America. His Name is David Humberson.