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I am creating this petition for all of my fellow Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Disease sufferers who do not have the energy to attend the Texas Medical Board meetings (or TIDS, TMA, and TDSHS Meetings) in order to convince these organizations and politicians to make the necessary changes in regards to Lyme Disease / TBD in the state of Texas. If we can’t make it to the meetings, I can assure you that you will hear us loud and clear with a petition calling out the representatives who give the orders to these organizations (Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, our Texas State Senators, and our Texas State Representatives).  We need you to push important Lyme legislation changes through the state of Texas and to correct the misinformation being spread by the mentioned organizations. We demand that you to stop the denial and discrimination of care in regards to Lyme patients in the state of Texas.  Most importantly, we need you to make sure that doctors are being properly trained in Lyme Disease with up-to-date CME Lyme courses.

LYME EPIDEMIC! There are over 300,000 people contracting Lyme Disease each year in the United States.  In addition, millions of people are going undiagnosed.   

The Texas Lyme Disease Association (TXLDA) has over 2,000 emails from people looking for help in regards to Lyme Disease and TBD.  Most of these people are contacting the TXLDA because they are having a difficult time finding a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor in the state of Texas. That’s an average of 4 people contacting the TXLDA  each day.  After getting a positive test result for Lyme Disease, they literally had no idea what to do for treatment or where to find accurate information. These people reported that every single Infectious Disease doctor that they called in the state of Texas refused treatment of Lyme Disease. Currently, there are only a handful of doctors who are ‘Lyme Literate’ who can properly treat Lyme Disease in the state of Texas. They are not able to handle such a high influx of patients coming down with Lyme Disease. These Lyme Literate Medical Doctors are so busy, that it takes a new patient anywhere from 4-6 months to get in for their first appointment, and by then the infection has already progressed to Late Stage Lyme Disease (which cannot be cured with 4 weeks of antibiotics).

In addition, Patients are having to see an average of 20-30 specialists before finally being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Patients are being continually misdiagnosed with hundreds of illnesses which in many cases can end in death due to heart failure or taking medications that have been proven to be dangerous for Lyme Disease patients (For example, a friend of mine was misdiagnosed as having MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis and has been in a wheelchair for over a decade up until figuring out he actually had Lyme Disease.  Once he started treatment for Lyme, he was quickly able to walk and function again). Patients are reporting that doctors are using inaccurate Lyme Disease testing which is contributing to a high number of patients being told that they do not have the disease when they actually do. Patients are reporting that of the 20 - 30 doctors they visited before their diagnosis, that none of them even mentioned testing for Lyme Disease. Patients are reporting that some of the doctors they have seen in Texas do not even believe in Lyme Disease due to what they have been taught in medical school and refuse to test for it. Patients are reporting that these doctors are not aware that there are over 700 peer-reviewed studies that have proven that Chronic Lyme Disease exists (Click Here To View) .  Patients are reporting that physicians are being taught that Chronic Lyme Disease is a psychosomatic illness, when it’s actually a persistent infection of borrelia and tick borne diseases. Patients are reporting that they are coming across doctors that do not know the even the basic concepts of Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Diseases. Patients are reporting that there is no up-to-date CME training for Lyme being taught in Medical Schools. Patients are reporting that because there is no up-to-date CME training for Lyme, doctors are diagnosing on extremely outdated information provided by the CDC and IDSA.  Patients are reporting that physicians are not even aware that most people with Lyme Disease also have mold illness, parasites, heavy metal poisoning, Epstein Barr Virus, Mycoplasma, HHV6, Shingles, Babesia, Bartonella, Cytomegalovirus, Parvovirus, and a long list of other common coinfections / tick borne diseases. Patients are reporting that insurance companies refuse to cover their expensive, long-term treatment and testing for Lyme Disease because the CDC and IDSA do not recognize it as a chronic, persistent infection.. Patients are reporting that most of the established medical websites have inaccurate information listed on their website based on the old, in accurate CDC / IDSA standards. Patients are reporting that most doctors are treating, diagnosing, and denying care based off of the incorrect CDC / IDSA Lyme Guidelines instead of the accurate ILADS Guidelines. This is not something we should take lightly because the difference of these guidelines can be life or death for a person with Lyme Disease / TBD. As you can see, this has become a huge problem in the state of Texas that needs to be addressed. Lyme Disease has been proven to be here in Texas, and Lyme Disease has been proven to be a persistent infection. This is medical discrimination and needs to be stopped immediately!

My short story is fairly representative of what is happening to most people who contract Lyme / TBD in the state of Texas. After showing my primary doctor a tick bite and the actual tick, he told me that there was no such thing as Lyme Disease in Texas (I was lucky because most people infected never see any sign of a tick).  He sent me home that day without any antibiotics. Had he treated the infection while it was still acute, it could have saved me from coming down with full blown Chronic Lyme Disease years later. With proper CME training in Lyme Disease, this doctor would have known what to do and could have saved my life. It took me years of going to countless expensive specialists and begging for someone to finally give me an Igenex test for Lyme Disease to finally be properly diagnosed. Mind you, I had doctors who refused to give me the Igenex test, and would only give me the Lab Corp or Quest test for Lyme (both of which came back negative).  I actually got a second tick bit a couple of years ago in my front yard which goes to show you just how big of a problem this is in Texas.  After finally being diagnosed, I tried treating my Lyme Disease with the recommended 4 weeks of antibiotics, but it was too late. This short treatment of antibiotics recommended by the CDC did not cure me even though the CDC and IDSA state that there is no way the Lyme Disease can persist after this recommended treatment. I am still sick with a chronic, persistent infection called Lyme Disease along with a long list of Tick Borne Diseases. In the years that I have been treating, insurance has hardly covered any of my treatments or alternative therapies. I have easily spent 50K in just a little over 1 year after being diagnosed.  Thousands of people in Texas share my same story and are being completely ignored by the medical community.  In the last year, I’ve helped 13 of my friends get tested and diagnosed with Lyme in DFW area.  That is a lot of people for me to know that are coming down with Lyme seeing as how I have been sick and my social circle is small. 

Each time we have come to you as a community, the Texas Medical Board keeps telling us year after year that the only way they will make the necessary changes in regards to Lyme Disease is if we file enough complaints against the doctors. They want us to blame the doctors, but we all know that it’s not their fault. They are merely doing exactly what they were taught in medical school. It is not their fault that they are not required to do an up-to-date CME in Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Diseases. It's not their fault that they don't even know the basics of Lyme. It's not heir fault that they have been taught to believe it doesn't really exist. We are tired of participating in the blame game that Texas Medical Board keeps trying to invite us to. Similar to The Apprentice, when the team fails...the leader is to blame. Greg Abbott runs the Texas Medical Board, and between the Texas Medical Board and Greg Abbott, these changes could easily be made without needing all of these so called complaints on the innocent doctors. They could easily make Lyme Education a requirement for all medical doctors in the state of Texas by providing an accurate CME (not a Medscape CME based off of the corrupt CDC findings).

In addition, we’ve heard that the Texas Medical Board merely takes our complaints and concerns to the Texas Infectious Disease Society (TIDS) and the Texas Medical Association (TMA) to ask them if they think any changes should be made in regards to Lyme Disease. The Texas Medical Board plays the blame game by saying that their hands are tied because each time they bring it up to TIDS and TMA “They do not view Lyme Disease as an issue and do not see any reason to change anything.” There are thousands of people suffering every single day… some dying, and somehow they do not see a reason to change anything. Pointing fingers only works for so long until everyone smartens up and points them right at the people who are in charge. I can assure you that we are growing exponentially in numbers as Lyme is spreading like wildfire, so these changes are beyond imminent.

In regards to the complete denial and discrimination of care for Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Disease patients in the state of Texas...We would like the following from the Texas Medical Board, TMA, TIDS, TDSHS, Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, all of the Texas State Senators ( Senate Committee on Health & Human Services), all of the Texas State Legislators, and all of the Texas Senators:

o  We would like for Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, and the above politicians and organizations to get directly involved in legislation to remove the inaccurate and harmful CDC / IDSA Guidelines for Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Diseases in the state of Texas (This in itself would alleviate a lot of the issues in regards to Lyme).

o  We would like for the above organizations to let physicians know there is indeed Lyme Disease / TBD in the state of Texas by posting this information on your websites (As of right now, physicians are being trained to say there is no Lyme Disease in our state, and won’t even test for Lyme Disease because of this).

o  We would like for the above organizations to let physicians know that they should be referring to the ILADS Guidelines (posted on the National Clearinghouse website - Click Here To View) instead of the incorrect IDSA Guidelines by posting on your website.

o  We would like for the above organizations to include a link to ILADS Guidelines for Lyme / TBD on your website.

o  We would like for there to be a requirement for ALL doctors to have proper CME training in Lyme Disease / TBD. Lyme Disease is the biggest epidemic in Texas, as well as, in the United States. Lyme has 300,000 ‘reported’ cases each year and there is zero CME for this. This does not make sense because there are CMEs for things such as Ebola and Zika which has affected only a handful of people compared to the millions walking around with Lyme Disease / TBD.

o  We would like for the above organizations to let physicians know that the Texas Lyme Disease Association has free Lyme CMEs on the TXLDA website by posting a link to your website (Click Here To View TXLDA Treatment CME ). Currently, there are only 2 education modules, but this is a resource that will be growing overtime.

o  We would like for ALL of the CMEs based on the CDC / IDSA Guidelines to be removed from your website due to being highly inaccurate and based on outdated information. Currently, the CDC / IDSA’s Lyme Guidelines are based on studies conducted by the CDC themselves instead of the 700 peer-reviewed studies proving that Chronic Lyme Disease / TBD exists. For example, the Medscape CME for Lyme Disease / TBD needs to be removed.

o  We would like for you to promote a CME for Lyme Disease awareness and education on your website, similar to how you are promoting CME for the Ebola virus, etc. In addition, we would like notifications for lyme Disease similar to how you have notifications for Zika Virus. ( Layouts/ContentPage.aspx…)

o  We would like for you to promote the 2011 legislation where the Texas Medical Board was tasked with the responsibility to encourage physicians to take CME in Lyme and tick-borne illnesses.

o  Now that the 2014 ILADS Guidelines are accepted by the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, we we demand that Chronic Lyme Disease be recognized and accepted by insurance companies in the state of Texas to ensure that they are paying for treatments. As of right now, insurance companies have a loophole that allows them to not pay for Chronic Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Diseases treatment because they are able to claim that Lyme Disease is not a persistent infection. Again, please refer to 700 peer-reviewed studies that prove that Lyme Disease can be a chronic and persistent infection (with a biofilm).

o  We would like for you to publicly acknowledge by posting on your website that Lyme Disease can become chronic if it is not caught and treated early with proper antibiotics. By early, we mean starting treatment immediately after the suspected contraction of Lyme Disease/ Tick Borne Disease. Again, there are over 700 peer reviewed studies showing chronic persistent infection in patients after completing the CDC/IDSA recommended short course of antibiotics. Click Here To View

o  We would like for Greg Abbott, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, TX senators and TX Legislators to create and pass legislation that would protect the brave doctors who treat Lyme Disease in the state of Texas (instead of sending the Texas Medical Board out to punish them!)

o  We would like for you to include a link on your website to the 700 peer-reviewed studies on Lyme Disease / TBD so that they are readily available for physicians to read. Click Here To View

o  We would like for you to include a link to the Texas Lyme Disease Association on your website to help people find up-to-date and accurate information on Lyme Disease / TBD. Click Here To Enter TXLDA Website

o  We would like for the TMA/ TMB to require infectious disease doctors to start taking Lyme Disease / TBD patients.

In summary, your job is to protect public health. Your job is to make sure that these doctors are being properly trained in Lyme Disease and have adequate CMEs in place for Lyme Disease / TBD. Your job is to make sure that insurance companies are not capitalizing on a loophole created and perpetuated by the CDC/IDSA in order to deny payment for long-term treatment of Lyme Disease / TBD based on an outdated definition of Lyme Disease. Your job is to protect the brave doctors who are treating Lyme Disease patients instead of punishing them. Your job is to NOT deny medical care or discriminate against a disease that has been repeatedly proven to exist.  Your job is to represent and protect the people!  LEGALIZE LYME IN TEXAS! 



Greg Abbott has control over the Texas Medical Board, and so we need to contact him about making the necessary changes in Texas regarding Lyme Disease. He needs to know how serious we are about Lyme Disease discrimination. People are sick, and people are dying.

PO Box 308

Austin, TX 78767

Fax: 512.477.0774

Email Address:

Scheduling Request:




(800) 248-4062 or (512) 305-7010

P.O. Box 2018

Austin, TX 78768-2018


Here is a list of the Texas State Medical Board Members who (as a whole) have not done much to help the thousands upon thousands of people suffering from Lyme Disease in Texas. Feel free to write, call, or email any of these individuals.

Michael Arambula, M.D., Pharm.D.

Julie K. Attebury

David Baucom

Frank Denton

John D. Ellis, Jr., J.D.

Carlos L. Gallardo

Manuel G. Guajardo, M.D.

John R. Guerra, D.O.

Scott Holliday, D.O., M.B.A.

Margaret McNeese, M.D.

Allan N. Shulkin, M.D.

Robert B. Simonson, D.O.

Wynne M. Snoots, M.D.

Karl Swann, M.D.

Paulette Barker Southard

Surendra K. Varma, M.D.

Stanley Wang, M.D., J.D., MPH

Timothy Webb, J.D.

George Willeford III, M.D.




o  Reasons to file a complaint with Texas Medical Board:

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor is telling you there is no Lyme in Texas.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor won't test you for Lyme Disease / Tick Borne Diseases.

o  Please file a complaint if your Western Blot test has specific bands or is CDC positive, and they tell you you don't have Lyme / TBD, and they don't offer any other testing or explanation.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor does not know the basics of Lyme Disease / TBD.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor does not know how to read the results of a Lyme Disease / TBD test.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor tries to tell you that your Chronic or Late Stage Lyme can be cured with just a few weeks of antibiotics (We know this not to be true based on over 700 peer reviewed studies that have proven repeatedly that this can lead to chronic and persistent infection.)

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor tells you that Chronic Lyme Disease / TBD does not exist (Please refer to 700 peer-reviewed studies that prove that Chronic Lyme / TBD is a persistent infection)

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor orders you a western blot test for Lyme / TBD that is only 30% accurate compared to other tests who are far more accurate such as the Igenex Test.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor orders you a test that only tests for a few strains of Lyme when there are CLIA approved tests available that test you for all 300 strains of Lyme.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor refuses to order tests for associated Tick Borne Diseases (Bartonella, Babesia, Cytomegalovirus, HHV6, Shingles, Parvovirus, Parasites, Candida, etc.)

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor orders you an ELISA test for Lyme / TBD instead of a Western Blot.

o  Please file a complaint if you tell your doctor all of your symptoms that are synonymous with Lyme Disease / TBD, and they do not suggest testing you for Lyme / TBD.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor is giving you medical advice in regards to Lyme / TBD based on CDC / IDSA Lyme Guidelines instead of the ILADS Lyme Guidelines.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor has not yet taken a proper CME course in Lyme Disease / TBD. Primary doctors and specialists are missing every almost every single Lyme / TBD case that walks through their door due to having zero training.

o  Please file a complaint if your doctor suggests that an existing condition of Chronic Lyme Disease / TBD is all in your head (refer back to 700 peer-reviewed studies that prove otherwise)

o  Please file a complaint if you have visited with an Infectious Disease Doctor who denied treatment of Lyme Disease / TBD.

o  Please file a complaint of you have visited a well-known medical establishment that has denied treating your Lyme Disease.

o  In addition, while filing a complaint, it would be helpful to ask the Texas Medical Board what has been done regarding the 2011 legislation where the Texas Medical Board was tasked with the responsibility to encourage physicians to take CME in Lyme Disease and tick-borne illnesses. In addition, ask them to make all of the necessary changes listed above.



When calling for Ted Cruz or John Cornyn, ask to speak with them directly or ask to speak to their designated staff member for your issue (They are required to let you speak with a designated staff member). They should give you an email address as well. If the Washington phone number below does not work, click on the links below and try calling the individual Texas offices listed on the contact page link.

Senator Ted Cruz - form&id=5

(202) 224-5922

Russell Senate Office Bldg 404

Washington, DC 20510

Senator John Cornyn - contact


517 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510



Director - John Hellerstedt

(512)776-7111 or 1-888-963-7111



President - Lewis Goodman

401 W 15th St, Austin, TX 78701

(512) 370-1300



Dr. Chetan Jinadatha

8042 Wurzbach Road, Ste. 280

San Antonio, TX 78229





Sen. Charles Schwertner

Sen. Lois W. Kolkhorst (Vice Chair)

Sen. Donna Campbell

Sen. Craig Estes

Sen. Charles Perry

Sen. Jose R. Rodriguez

Sen. Van Taylor

Sen. Carlos Uresti

Sen. Judith Zaffirini

Clerk - Jordan Dixon (512) 463-0360



The mailing address for all Senators in Austin is:

P.O. Box 12068

Austin, Texas 78711-2068

FAX: (512) 463-0326

Senate email: firstname.lastname@senate.



(512) Phone / Fax

Paul Bettencourt ®  

(512) 463-0107 /(512) 463-8810

Brian Birdwell (R)

(512) 463-0122 /(512) 475-3729

Konni Burton (R)

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Donna Campbell (R)

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Brandon Creighton (R)

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José R. Rodríguez (D)

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Charles Schwertner (R)

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Kel Seliger (R)

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Larry Taylor (R)

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House Rep.

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(512) 463-0514 / (512) 463-8715

Andrew Murr (R)

(512) 463-0536 / (512) 463-1449

Elliott Naishtat (D)

(512) 463-0668

Alfonso "Poncho" Nevárez (D)

(512) 463-0566 / (512) 463-0220

Rene O. Oliveira (D)

(512) 463-0640 / (512) 463-8186

John C. Otto (R)

(512) 463-0570 / (512) 463-0315

Chris Paddie (R)

(512) 463-0556 / (512) 463-0611

Tan Parker (R)

(512) 463-0688

Dennis Paul (R)

(512) 463-0734 / (512) 463-0401

Gilbert Pena (R)

(512) 463-0460 / (512) 463-0763

Dade Phelan (R)

(512) 463-0706 / (512) 463-1861

Larry Phillips (R)

(512) 463-0297 / (512) 463-1561

Joseph C. "Joe" Pickett (D)

(512) 463-0596 / (512) 463-6504

Four Price (R)

(512) 463-0470 / (512) 463-8003

John Raney (R)

(512) 463-0698 / (512) 463-5109

Richard Pena Raymond (D)

(512) 463-0558 / (512) 463-6296

Ron Reynolds (D)

(512) 463-0494 / (512) 463-1403

Debbie Riddle (R)

(512) 463-0572 / (512) 463-1908

Matt Rinaldi (R)

(512) 463-0468 / (512) 463-1044

Eddie Rodriguez (D)

(512) 463-0674 / (512) 463-0314

Justin Rodriguez (D)

(512) 463-0669 / (512) 463-5074

Ramon Romero (D)

(512) 463-0740

f: (817) 924-1997

Toni Rose (D)

(512) 463-0664 / (512) 463-0476

Scott Sanford (R)

(512) 463-0356 / (512) 463-0701

Matt Schaefer (R)

(512) 463-0584 / (512) 463-3217

Mike Schofield (R)

(512) 463-0528 / (512) 463-7820

Leighton Schubert (R)

(512) 463-0600 / (512) 463-5240

Matt Shaheen (R)

(512) 463-0594 / (512) 463-1021

Kenneth Sheets (R)

(512) 463-0244 / (512) 463-9967

J.D. Sheffield (R)

(512) 463-0628 / (512) 463-3644

Ron Simmons (R)

(512) 463-0478 / (512) 463-2089

David Simpson (R)

(512) 463-0750 / (512) 463-9085

Wayne Smith (R)

(512) 463-0733 / (512) 463-1323

John T. Smithee (R)

(512) 463-0702 / (512) 476-7016

Stuart Spitzer (R)

(512) 463-0458 / (512) 463-2040

Drew Springer (R)

(512) 463-0526 / (512) 463-1011

Phil Stephenson (R)

(512) 463-0604 / (512) 463-5244

Jonathan Stickland (R)

(512) 463-0522 / (512) 463-9529

Joe Straus (R)

(512) 463-1000 / (512) 463-0675

Ed Thompson (R)

(512) 463-0707 / (512) 463-8717

Senfronia Thompson (D)

(512) 463-0720

Tony Tinderholt (R)

(512) 463-0624 / (512) 463-8386

Chris Turner (D)

(512) 463-0574 / (512) 463-1481

Scott Turner (R)

(512) 463-0484 / (512) 463-7834

Gary VanDeaver (R)

(512) 463-0692 / (512) 463-0902

Jason Villalba (R)

(512) 463-0576 / (512) 463-7827

Hubert Vo (D)

(512) 463-0568 / (512) 463-0548

Armando L. Walle (D)

(512) 463-0924 / (512) 463-1510

James White (R)

(512) 463-0490 / (512) 463-9059

Molly S. White (R)

(512) 463-0630 / (512) 463-0937

Paul D. Workman (R)

(512) 463-0652 / (512) 463-0565

John Wray (R)

(512) 463-0516 / (512) 463-1051

Gene Wu (D)

(512) 463-0492 / (512) 463-1182

William "Bill" Zedler (R)

(512) 463-0374 / (512) 463-0364

John Zerwas (R)

(512) 463-0657


(512) 463-0708 / (512) 463-7071


(512) 463-0554 / (512) 463-8380

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