Governor Abbott - Please don't deny us safe in-person learning.

Governor Abbott - Please don't deny us safe in-person learning.

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Started by Khona mohiuddin

Dear Governor Abbott

My name is Ozair Mohiuddin. I am an 11 year old and am going to 6th Grade in Aug 2021 at Cedar Valley Middle School. My friends and I are very excited to get back to in-person school, after 1 year of virtual learning and starting my 1st year in Middle school! 

Last year, I had chosen virtual learning, due to having a severe asthmatic condition.This year, given the availability of vaccinations to kids 12 and older, I had decided that I can go back to school for this school year, with getting limited exposure to non-vaccinated population and following proper guidelines such as masks, even with Delta variant on the rise.

But today, I found out that you have placed a new mandate, "In accordance with Governor Abbott’s executive order, the District cannot require students, staff or visitors to wear masks."  that would make a huge difference to me, kids like me and kids who have no medical condition, but really wanted to go to in-person provided the mask guidelines were in place.

With the mandates placed on school, I no longer have the option to safely be in school around kids and adults who are non-vaccinated. I can no longer take electives that I was truly looking forward to, as all elective are not available virtually.  I can no longer laugh with other kids, like my friends who would attend in person. 

I implore you, on behalf of all kids who want to safely return to in-person learning,  please don't deny us the same school experience that every kid deserves. Please reconsider your mask mandate for kids 12 and under in school. You have the power to change.  Even though my mom has helped me write this petition, these words are from my heart and I speak for many kids. I hope you truly reconsider your school mandate on banning mask requirement in schools for the unvaccinated. This is not a political issue for me, its a health (mental and physical) and safety issue.


Ozair Mohiuddin, 6th Grade

1,092 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!