FREE the men from the SHADOW PRISON-Texas Civil Commitment Center in Littlefield, TX

I have a family member in this facility. He has had at least 5 case workers since he has been in the facility. They can’t keep help. Every time the case workers advise that a person is ready to be released, they get overrode by the people that oversee the facility. They should not be able to override the experts. This is against these men’s rights, this is nothing but a prison. If these men are supposed to be in therapy, to get released at some point, then how come they don’t get to go out of the facility on day trips to get used to reacclimatimg back to society? Why aren’t they learning to work or drive a car around the facility, so that they can easily intergrade back into society. One simple answer, because the facility has no intent of ever releasing these men. It’s not right. If these men were going to serve life, then their prison sentence should have been life. Something needs to be done as we are wasting money and definitely not getting a ROI. These men would be getting better treatment in an outside, real life, therapeutic place where they can practice live to live in society again.

Andrew Sauer, Friendswood, TX, United States
3 months ago
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