FREE the men from the SHADOW PRISON-Texas Civil Commitment Center in Littlefield, TX

Civil commitment, as applied to those who have committed sexual offenses, is repugnant to every principle of justice. No other class of felons is subjected to a sham hearing based on "fear of what they MIGHT DO at some point in the future.

It's hypocrisy to find an individual competent to stand trial and assist in their own defense on the front end when it comes to culpability and sentencing and then magically mentally unfit when it comes to releasing them at the end of the term of confinement. The state should NEVER have it both ways. Either it is a mental health issue and is treated as such from start to finish or it's a criminal matter. Pick one and stick with it.

This is just a sham to lock these people up for life over what they did in the first place.

7 months ago
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