End Tampon Tax in Texas

End Tampon Tax in Texas

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Menstruation is not a luxury, so why is it taxed like one? Over 13 million Texans are subject to upwards of an 8.25 sales tax because these items are deemed non-essential.

Groceries, medications, Viagra, and sometimes cowboy boots are considered essential items and aren’t taxed, while tampons and pads are considered a luxury.

Menstruators are forced to pay extra for necessary products because it’s taboo to bleed without them. On average, a menstruator will bleed 2,535 of their life and use 17,000 pads and tampons. 

In 2017 a petition was brought forward and was never heard on the floor. With the help of House Representative Donna Howard, House Bill 311, HB311 was created and was first ready in February 2019. By May the bill was left pending in a committee where it died.

Many times those in hardship will choose to purchase period products before buying food. Children and teenagers who don’t have access to these products are forced to stay home and miss out on their education. These products need to be more accessible.

Menstruating is not a choice, but ending the taxation of menstruation products is. Periods United, its chapters across Texas, Menstrual Flux, Period Ann Richards School and along with other organizations are dedicated to putting to bed this discriminatory sales tax.

“Menstrual hygiene is a human right. Period.” -Forbes, 2019



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