Do Not Reopen Texas Yet

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Governor Abbott will be signing an executive order next week on reopening the state of Texas. Although the numbers Texas has look great, there isn’t enough testing compared to other states especially A state the size of Texas. I believe that the state should follow what the rest of the nation is doing and wait for the experts to guide us. It is very frustrating that this virus has caused a economic foothold on everyone but we also can’t put the health of others at risk during this pandemic. I believe it’s in the best interest in the long run to make sure we don’t get out of this lockdown too early and cause a second wave and set back all the hard work everyone’s been doing. In the meantime there should be more testing happening to really understand where we fit on the graphs. I think I speak for everyone when I say the health of people should come first before we talk about the economy that our government should be helping with. I urge the Governor and everyone around to reconsider trying to open too soon and wait until nationally the curve has flattened everywhere. I truly believe this will be the only way for us to get back to normal, we must put experts opinion first before anyone else. Make sure to share this if you believe we should wait to reopen until the curve is flattened at a national level.