Disposing of face masks

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By making the attire of face masks mandatory, it is jeopardizing the health and safety of our communities worldwide. It specifically states on the boxes themselves that the surgical face masks do NOT protect you from any strand of bacteria or virus. Wearing a mask, no matter the length of time, causes not only a difficulty in breathing but also causes you to breathe in less oxygen than normal and actually breathing in your own carbon dioxide resulting in fatal respiratory damage. There are studies proving that the lack of oxygen intake due to the wearing of face masks lead to less oxygen in the tissues of your body (hypoxia) causing the suppression of your immune system. It has also been proven that the prolonged use of face masks deny your body from so much oxygen that it will result in crippling your immune system to the point where it will not function as intended. It will end up leaving you more susceptible and unable to fight off bacteria, viruses or infection. We as a group, community or even nation can come together during this time and put our foot down to wearing face masks. I'm tired of seeing the damage these masks are doing to our loved ones and I will fight to change it. If we can change the law Governor Abbott has set, we will be better off. If we don't try to make this change happen, the population will only decrease as it has been and not because of the "virus". I want to see people getting better and looking healthier than before we had to wear these face masks.