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Bullying of children by school administration and students needs to be stopped.

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I am starting the petition today to stop bullying of students at Hitchcock Texas ISD. The bullying is not only an issue by students but by the staff as well. The teachers label a child by hearsay a bad child before they even give that child a chance. They sit back and watch fellow students bully, call other students vulger names, hit, kick and stab, as well as bring weapons to school and do nothing except wait until the next day to investigate, or place consequences if that even happens. When a parent gets involved it brings repercussions to the student being bullied. This is unfair to the students. In the state of Texas we have the no child left behind act that is not followed by all schools. We have teachers failing to call parents to inform them their child is failing or if they do call they call the day before grades are due and expect a miracle miracle to happen. This is unacceptable behavior by the staff. When brought to the attention of counselor, then principle nothing happens they make exscusses. Then when you go to the superintendent nothing happens with the exception of more repercussions for the students. My child has been through it all with this school district and enough is enough. He has endured bullying by the teachers, assistant principle and principle (who has told both my son and I she is not there for the students. Which leaves me wondering why she is there) He has been stabbed by a student and the teacher did nothing the counselor and principle waited until the next day to investigate to which I could nit file assault charges because the school protected the student that stabbed him and gave only a 3 day suspention. Students calling him vulger names infront of teachers and they do nothing. Being locked out of the classroom and the teacher doing nothing being paddled by the head coach and having bruises so deap they lasted almost 2 weeks and covered his full behind(child abuse). Teachers refusing for over 3 weeks to give missing work and when finally on a phone conference giving the excuse no work can be sent home because it has to be done in front of the teacher (unheard of in 7th or 8th grade but yet other teachers from other districts state that they have to give equivalent work for the student to make up they can not just fail a child to just fail or refuse to give makeup work). Therefore I am asking for everyone to sign and share this petition to stop bullying by administration, staff and fellow students and to show Hitchcock ISD we will not stand for this anymore. We will not sit back and continue to allow them to hurt our children. We have to be the voice of our children. No child should refuse to go to school because of what will happen while they are there. We have to be their protectors so they can grow knowing what is right and what they are worth. We need our counselmen and women to help do internal investigations on these school districts to show them they we will not stand for this any longer. We need them to help us inforce the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND act that was put into place many years ago. We need help to stop the bullying. We need to save our children's lives before we have more suicides from bullying. Our children are our future and we need to protect them and teach them what is right not what is wrong. Please share this petition so we can help protect our children and make these kids, teachers, counselors, assistant principle, principle, assistant superintendent and superintendent accountable to for their actions and to show them there are consequences for their actions. They need to be punished and held accountable. We need to stand together and unite as one to protect our children. So please sign and share this petition so we can protect our children. 

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