Bring Damien Home

Bring Damien Home

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Hello, my name is Tracy, out of  Texas and I am speaking on behalf of my good friend Damien. Damien is 39 years old, has 5 children, 3 teenagers, and two 5-year-olds.  He is a family man. Barely making ends meet.


In September of 2011, An officer was called to the scene of a crime where a glass window had been shattered at Navarro College in Waxahachie and an atm machine was stolen. 4 suspects where identified on surveillance  2 suspects seem to be getting the atm doing the most work while one was a driver and the other was a lookout, Damien was standing looking out making sure no one was coming, 


Officers began to collect evidence and collected a broken phone along with the sd card where they retrieved all call information and collected a green hat that was left. 


Officers identified suspect Berdale Wafford who was a student at the college also having known knowledge to the whole campus and the main suspect in the crime. 


Officers interviewed Damien who denied being there when video surveillance which suspects number 2 tried to destroy the camera. Video footage depicted tattoos (matching damiens )of a guy standing waiting. officers also tagged a green hat found at a scene as well...Damien complied with giving a mouth swab for DNA. 


Months later Damien was interviewed by a ranger from Ellis county stating his DNA matched the DNA mixed with another individual found on the green hat placing Damien at the crime scene.


the Ellis county officer gave Damien numerous opportunities to comply and be honest.


December 27, 2018, while Damien was cutting hair (he cuts hair out of his apartment just to make money to feed his children. along with government assistance helping him pay rent and feed the children) there was a knock on the door and with the family thinking it was a customer for a haircut they opened the door not knowing it was the police. They tackled him down to the floor like an animal in front of his children.

 Damien has had a run in with the law several times when he was younger, but after settling down years later and becoming a family man he has been on the right track since then, I am in no way shape form or fashion condoning what he did.

 Damien was transferred to Ellis county jail on charges of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity-1st Degree Felony with a Bond set of $50,000

 The Family and I are asking for donations for legal fees and desperately seeking a bond reduction would mean the world to us if you would give us a pardon.

I know what you are thinking... why? 

Damien has been in no trouble since 2007 when he was released from parole. Damien has done a stupid act by not being honest after all these years and not thinking this would come back to haunt him. Damien did this to himself and he understands that.

Damien is a Single Father to his 2 teenage girls and his grandchild. his baby mother left her daughter with him after being in her care and getting pregnant she dumped her off on her father. Who are only living off of government assistance with 53.00 /month rent.


Damien wants nothing more than to get back to his children and be a dad again and teaching them to learn from his stupid mistakes and selfish acts. We are looking for donations for legal fees, bond donations, commissary donations, donations to afford a lawyer are needed send donations to all proceeds go towards his case

anything you can do to help him get through this the best way he can. Everyone makes mistakes but it takes a real man to admit them. Thank you.



0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!