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Allow students to take school funds and attend school of choice

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I am writing this petition to support Governor Greg Abbott allowing parents the right to take public funding to the school of their choice.


As a mother of a special needs child, this needs to be done, at least for students receiving special education services. My child attended Rockwall ISD until she finished 6th grade. She was receiving special education services and in the later years, spent most of her time in a special education classroom.  There are some amazing teachers in the district, but there are some I would not recommend. My daughter attended Cullins Lake Pointe elementary and I reported problems in her special education classroom in May 2015 to the principal.  This was the last month of my daughter's 6th grade year.  I had my daughter removed from the classroom and then withdrew her from the district in August.  Here are just a few of the challenges I faced in the years my daughter attended Rockwall ISD. She attended 11 years.


My daughter was coming home stating all the movies she was watching in the classroom.  These movies were not all educational.   She was not bringing home completed papers of work being done in the classroom.  In her earlier years, she would bring home index cards with words she had learned to read.   We never saw any cards for the last several years she was there.  

My daughter was left behind on a field trip. Her class had 8 or 9 students with a teacher and 2 aides. She has seizures and would leave with a stranger and is supposed to be watched carefully. She was not being watched and the class left to look at something else and my daughter was left talking to strangers. This same teacher had a student disappear years ago. The student left PE class and was able to walk from Rowlett to Rockwall before she was found. It was a miracle nothing happened to this child.

My daughter came home with fingertip bruises on her arm her 6th grade year.

I found out from a parent , in May of my daughters 6th grade year, that her son would come home and say my daughter was being treated like a dog by the teachers in the special education classroom. This parent also told me that one of the teachers in the school would tell her that she could not stand the way my daughter was being treated. My daughter did not function at a 6th grade level and did not communicate well enough to tell me what had been happening to her.

I could write so many other things that happened to my daughter those 11 years.  I always wonder how much more my daughter would have progressed if I would have been able to put her in private school years ago.  My daughter has attended private school for a year and a half and is so happy and is showing progress.  

I should not have to pay for private school  and school taxes because I could no longer trust Rockwall ISD. I filed a report with Bart Rosebure who was the Director of safety and security at the district, after I pulled my daughter out of the district, and he told me he was not allowed to investigate, but I could file a complaint with the principal I originally reported the situation to. Why would I do that????  It is very unfortunate that there are still problems in the same classroom my daughter was in.   I have heard some very terrible stories of situations that have happened since my daughter left.  This is one reason why people deserve a choice.  You would think that problems would be corrected.

Unless you have a child in special education, you have no idea what we go through battling with the district. Allowing us to send our child to the school of our choice would hopefully make the districts do what they need to do or lose students.

There are some parents that have a great experience with public education and that is great.  I received a public education and have no complaints.  If my child were in general education, I would not be writing this petition.   Unfortunately, I hear complaints from many parents whose children are in special education and they are not happy and can't send their child to private school or home school them.  Please just let us have a choice where we think our children will learn the most and allow us the money we would have in the public setting.

Thank you for considering my petition!!!!


Janice Harris 



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