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Add More Active Shooter Scenario Drills In Public Schools

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*NO PROTEST THAT WILL RUIN THE MESSAGE* In the public school system, fire drills happen every month, while active shooter drills happen once every semester, or sometimes even once a year. When these minimal lock down drills are conducted, they are very unlikely times and places. Rather than during lunch or a passing period when students are congregated or outside and exposed, these drills are performed during periods when there are no extra curricular activities being conducted, lock down drills occur when all students and teachers are in class. The only school shooting in recent memory where the current lock down procedures would prove effective, was the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Furthermore, the last school fire that killed more than 10 people was in 1957, while the last shooter that killed more than 10 people was February 14, 2018. I believe that if students knew what to do during a likely lock down situation, this statistic would be far different. as students, we know what to do in a fire drill. We know where we exit the building and how to walk far enough away. However, we don't know what to do if a shooter is in our cafeteria, our theater, or our classroom, and I believe that we can make a change. 

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