A law that helps step parents adopt their step kids.

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I would like a law that helps step parents adopt their step kids. At the moment step parents don't have rights. We are just considered, "interested third party". I am fully involved in my step sons life, I would love to be able to adopt him. It's difficult at times for all of us. Step parents get such a bad wrap. But I know out there we have step parents that give and love their kids more than the bio parent. Although I understand that rights can be terminated most of the time it has to be signed voluntarily by the bio parent even if they aren't good parents themselves. I am not the only step parent that feels this way. Please help sign the petition. I am currently going through a situation where this is happening to me. My wife went through alot and didnt report any abuse. My son went through things thay he doesnt even speak of in therapy. It makes me feel helpless that I can't protect my family. I appreciate you thanks in advance