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Greenwood Pets in Warren, Michigan is bad for animals and bad for Warren residents. From puppies to pigs, they've consistently failed our pets. It's time for them to stop selling live animals.

Here are just a few of the problems with Greenwood Pets:

• Last Christmas, Greenwood Pets recklessly sold a baby pot-bellied pig to a Warren family, even though farm animals are not allowed in the city. The family had no idea, and figured that since they were at a Warren business, there wouldn't be anything wrong. The pig, named Chumblee, had to be returned, breaking the young boy’s heart.

• It's not just Chumlee. Greenwood sells chickens and roosters, which are also illegal to own in Warren, and even alligators. This store is acting irresponsible, both to these animals who need special care and to the families they're setting up for heartbreak.

• Residents should stay clear of the puppy aisle too. Greenwood has a history of working with a large puppy broker from Kansas. Lambriar Inc.’s last inspection listed 773 puppies in inventory. What breeder would ship their puppies with over 700 other puppies across state lines to unknown retailers and families?

• Greenwood also has a history with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Complaints have been filed related to animals with no food, unsatisfactory cleanliness of the stores, food storage not adequate, overcrowding of animal cages, insufficient number of employees to maintain husbandry, surfaces not disinfected and distressed birds loosing feathers. Fines were issued, but the store continues to receive complaints.

• Customers have allegedly seen dead rats on the floor, dirty ferret & bird cages, filthy snake aquariums full of dead skin with dried up water bowls, aquariums with brown algae on walls with no lights or filtration, a Cockatoo bird who was feather plucking until chest was bare, puppies covered rust colored dirt, fish with fungus on their heads, lethargic fish, a snake with small sores on its nose, turtles without perches, rat feces on the floor.

Help stop Greenwood Pets' pattern of abuse. Tell the store to stop selling live animals.

Letter to
Greenwood Pets Dennis Jones
I am disappointed to learn that your Greenwood store continues to sell live animals. By doing so, you are supporting an industry that cruelly treats animals like commodities, not like the companion animals that customers come to your store to buy food, treats and toys for.

I urge you to agree to stop selling animals acquired from breeders, stop supporting commercial breeding operations in all of your business practices, and, instead, work solely with local shelters and nonprofit rescue groups to facilitate adoptions.

Not only will this move stop the negative publicity generated by your sales, but advocates will actively help promote your newly puppy-friendly store. As an added benefit, this move makes good business sense in an economy where high-priced sales aren't as desirable as the less expensive option of adopting a homeless pet.

Several other stores across the country have successfully made this commitment and you can make the same humane decision.

Thank you.