Reject the approval of Tubbs Mountain Estates Subdivision

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This Petition's desire is to halt all further development of the proposed Tubbs Mountain Estates subdivision. It is believed that the attached plat does not adhere to section 3.1 of the Greenville County Land Development Regulations. 

Infrastructure: Tubbs Mountain Rd and the water supply are insufficient to accommodate 51 new housing lots.  The size of this subdivision should warrant two public access roads instead of the one shown on the attached plat.  Tubbs Mtn Rd. is a rural road incapable of supporting the additional traffic from the new subdivision.  Many bicyclists riding from Greenville/TR to Northern Greenville utilize Tubbs Mtn Rd as a safe way to reach more rural roads; their safety would be jeopardized by the increased traffic.  

The customers at the end of the water line on Upcountry Ln have experienced years of low water pressure.  Adding 51 new homes to this water line would negatively impact Upcountry Ln customers significantly.

Density: The properties on Tubbs Mtn Rd surrounding the proposed subdivision consist primarily of multi-acreage plats.  The proposed density of the subdivision is not compatible with the surrounding land density.

Environmental:  There is concern of disrupting the natural habitat of the area.  Many turkeys, deer, and other animals will be displaced by the new subdivision.  Since the construction started for Foothills Views Subdivision, the weekly viewing of young and older turkeys on the lower part of Upcountry Lane has ceased.  Destruction of natural springs is a concern.  Up to 5 natural springs were uncovered and destroyed during the development of Foothills Views Subdivision on Upcountry Ln.

If the developer of this subdivision is the same developer for Foothills Views, then there is a great concern for alarm due to the lack of adhering to the covenants of Upcountry Ln and the subdivision committee requirements.  The initial plat had the incorrect lot sizes and setbacks.  Also the developer has stated that there is no intention to widen the already crumbling road to 20' as was required by the subdivision committee.