Rescind the anti-gay resolution in Greenville County

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In May 1996, Greenville County Council passed a resolution stating they do not support the LGBTQ community. It is time to remove this bigotry as the official position of the Greenville County Council. Upstate Pride SC submitted a letter to the Greenville County Council requesting this resolution be rescinded.

After signing this petition, attend the Greenville County Council meeting to voice your support for our LGBTQ family! Sign up at least an hour early if you want to speak.


Greenville County Council Meeting
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 at 6 PM
301 University Ridge, Conference Room D
Greenville, SC

To members of the Greenville County Council,

Greenville County is experiencing an unprecedented era of growth, economic success, and attention on an international scale. While the beauty of the Upstate and its surrounding areas can be counted upon as one of the reasons for this success, we cannot overlook the vision and openness to diversity that is required to foster such growth and opportunity.

As members of the community, who also call ourselves part of the LGBTQ community, we are just like you. We live, work, and are proud to call this corner of the Upstate home. As stewards of future progress and success within Greenville County, it shocked us to find out that a 1996 resolution which declares the homosexual lifestyle as “incompatible with Greenville County standards” remains on the books.

Faith and family are pillars that have made this community what it is today. Greenville County is the sum of its parts – today it is a diverse, multi-cultural county which attracts visitors from all around the world because of this openness. Removing this statute from our County records would reinforce how Greenville County is committed to keeping itself welcoming and inclusive to ALL people, regardless of race, age, or sexual orientation.

In this era of divisiveness, it would be a welcome gesture for Greenville County Council to rescind this antiquated statute and recognize their LGBTQ brothers, sisters, friends and coworkers as equal partners in this quest for the betterment of Greenville County. Our personal biases should not dictate how we do business and lead the future. Our Constitution calls for the separation of church and state, and just like we do not allow our own biases to dictate how we work with the community, we call on you, the Council, to do the same and say “all are equal and shall be treated as such” in Greenville County. When we remove our own personal biases and prejudices, we are able to truly serve all who look to us as leaders.

We hope that you will genuinely consider this request and work with us to make Greenville County a better place for all, for us to make the future one where all are truly treated and considered equally.

With Pride and Respect,

The Board Members of Upstate Pride SC