Clean Up Baker Circle, Marietta.

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For years the trailer park directly behind Slater Marietta Elementary has been an eye-sore in the community.  After numerous drug arrests and complaints, substandard living conditions for poor families and the threat of harm to children in the community, residents of Slater-Marietta along with parents and teachers at SME are ready to take action.

Believing that many voices speak volumes, we have created this petition to urge Greenville County Codes Enforcement to do something about this problem.  We do not want a rural slum behind our elementary school.  The trailer park at 101 Baker Circle negatively impacts our community by lowering the value of other homes, posing a threat to public safety, and gives a poor impression of what our community is like.   While we understand the need for affordable housing for low-income families, we do not support the idea of those families being forced to live in sub-standard conditions.  Previous complaints and appeals to the landlords and county have not resulted in change.  It is our hope that this petition will show the county that we care about our community and truly want to see positive changes.

The owner of this property is Martha Fletcher.   Direct appeals to the landlord have not resulted in significant change.  This park has perpetuated poverty, drug use, drug dealers, and violence for years.  It seems the owner(s) believe that no one in the community cares enough to do anything to affect change.  We live in one of the most beautiful areas in Upstate SC.  Let's join together to clean up our beautiful community and make sure no one in Marietta has to live in substandard housing.  Let's show them we DO care!