Greenville City Council: Impose fines for refusing to wear masks

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As a student in South Carolina - and not only that, a granddaughter and a restaurant worker - the COVID-19 pandemic is a HUGE problem for me and people like myself. As of July 18th, South Carolina has 66,060 coronavirus cases and 1,096 deaths. My county, Greenville County, is one of our most notable hotspots for the virus with 8,026 cases. The spike in virus cases can easily be attributed to reopening too soon, but what only makes this problem worse is that people refuse to wear masks when they're out in public. Being told to wear masks is not a violation of personal freedom: it is an act of caring for your own health and, most importantly, the health of those around you, including your neighbors, coworkers, and family.

My grandfather is a 76-year-old man with heart problems, borderline diabetes, and suffering from the aftermath of a stroke. He likes to go out and buy pastries from the grocery store and eat lunch with his golf friends, but what he really likes to do is get visits from my puppy, Otis. My grandmother is - of course she wouldn't want to reveal her age - a woman suffering from arthritis and recovering from a recent leg surgery. As a high school student, she is one of the people that encourages me to get through the day. To lose either of them to coronavirus would mean losing the people that inspire me the most.

It is important to me and several others that we, as a community, work together to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The city of Miami, Florida has started to fine people for refusing to wear masks. Cities in California are even starting to consider this, too. Wearing a mask is not a political issue, it's a matter of being kind to others and respecting yourself. If you want to be able to continue going into public, then I ask you to help me ask Greenville City Council to impose fines on those who don't wear masks in public.