Change DMR Event3 in West Michigan to allow for localized general communications & chat

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We the amateur radio operators of West Michigan who utilize DMR request that Event3 be changed back to a local communications channel that is not linked State Wide.  We want the TG to be able to be free for general amateur use when *NOT* in use by RACES, SAR, ARES, Skywarn, etc. for an active net or training exercise.  We want it to be handled like a traditional analog repeater when a net control operator may break into a chat and request that the channel be cleared for an emergency services exercise, event or real emergency.  In such a request, we the West Michigan amateur radio operators will stand aside to allow these served agencies the use they need of the TG and time slot until the event is cleared by the net control operator.  We also pledge that we will monitor the KD8RXD facebook page for events that are utilizing Event3 and do our best to remain clear of the channel during these events.  This will allow for the best utilization of resources for the general enjoyment of amateur radio and serving the agencies that need to be during the times when it is important the talk group / channel is there for their use.  We also request the utilization of hotspot devices on Event3 (ie. DVMega, Zumspot, Openspot, etc.).  It would be appropriate to update any references on websites to Event3 being only available for emergencies as well to follow this new plan.

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