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Greenup County Animal Shelter:Improve Conditions at the Shelter


As concerned citizens, taxpayers and animal advocates, we are demanding that the county implement changes that will directly improve the conditions and welfare of the animals while in the custody of the shelter. These include, but are not limited to; basic sanitation procedures to ensure the animals inside the shelter are not exposed to illnesses and will be adopted out to the public in good condition. 

Despite the passing of the "Humane Shelter Law" (KY 258) the Greenup County Shelter is treating the animals in their care with wreck less disregard for the suffering they are causing. Dogs and cats are routinely euthanized, without any attempt to find their owner or adopt them into loving homes. 

I strongly urge you to step up and reduce the number of costly eurhanizations, implement cleaning procedures, vaccinations and utilize free labor in the form of volunteers in order to end the suffering of these innocent animals



This petition was delivered to:
  • Greenup County Judge Executive
    Robert Carpenter
  • Greenup County, County Commissioner
    Tony Quillen
  • Greenup County, County Commissioner
    Billy Stephens
  • Greenup County, County Commissioner
    Mike Hieneman

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